Ceiling Mounted System Cassette Installation


What is a Ceiling Mounted Cassette System Installation?

A Ceiling Mounted Cassette System is a powerful, clean, energy efficient way to deliver comfortable air to any living space or area in your home, office, retail space or multi-use building.

A ceiling mounted cassette system installation is visually unobtrusive and provides a wide range of air flow options for any shape room whether square, long rectangular or “L” shape orientation.

The indoor unit mounted above the ceiling is located in a square shaped housing, hidden from view, save for a low profile outlet grille intruding negligibly through the ceiling into the room.

A highly efficient fan design delivers air to all parts of the room usually configured prior to installation. However, alternative settings can also be made for personal air direction preferences at the central command console.

Condensate is collected in the drain tray of the cassette housing and pumped outside safely away, whilst supplemental outside air may also be introduced to the cassette, enhancing air volume passing over the fan coil and filtration system before entry into the room.

The outdoor unit of matched capacity, is housed in a sturdy cabinet discreetly located outside. It is ideally positioned out of sight where clean intake air can be introduced to the heat exchanger while exhausted air dissipated to the atmosphere.

Why is a Ceiling Mounted Cassette System Installation better?

A ceiling mounted cassette system is easily installed to either new or retrofit installations and may be charged with refrigerant gas ready for use where pipe length between outdoor and indoor units is less than 30 metres.

This type of system has many benefits, including:

  • Higher capacity than many split or multi-split type systems and rated up to 14Kw.
  • More efficient direct current motors and inverter compressors deliver maximum power at start up, then proportionally reduce power needs to maintain set comfort levels with lower aggregate power requirements.
  • Sensors located in the cassette unit automatically sense room temperature and occupancy numbers. If no occupants are present, the system will shut down after a set time has elapsed. Alternatively, if the room temperature and occupant numbers temporarily increase, cooling is increased for a set time or until demand subsides.
  • Wired consoles or wireless remote control appliances provide ultimate control of set comfort levels, timing controls for start or sleep functions and reminders or service fault alarms.

How can we help with your Ceiling Mounted Cassette System?

Selection of the most suitable ceiling mounted cassette system is imperative to provide a comfortable living space. Alliance Climate Control can design a system to meet your needs providing cooled or heated conditioned air with minimum running costs.

To determine the capacity of the ceiling mounted cassette system, many factors are considered including, occupant function, solar load characteristics and building use.

Alliance Climate Control have the technology and experience to design a system and installation, either to suit an existing or new structure that will ensure the comfort of all occupants, whether they be family members, employees or clientele in commercial premises.

We will also be available during construction and following installation, to make sure the entire installation is completed and operating to your absolute satisfaction.

We can also visit as needed to check the systems’ operation, clean the filters and other critical elements and we recommend recurring annual service events for this inspection.

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