Multi-Split Air Conditioning System Installation


What is a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System Installation?

Installation of a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System is an energy efficient way to deliver clean comfortable air to several different use spaces at the same time, including the kitchen or bedroom. The Multi-split system consists of one outdoor unit supporting up to five indoor units.

Individual indoor units are operated independent of each other and may be located in the ceiling cavity or in stylish wall mounted units. The outdoor unit, housed in a robust cabinet is discreetly located outside, allowing exhausted air to dissipate to the atmosphere.

The most significant benefit of a Multi-split system is its ability to simultaneously deliver individual needs of each living space and regulate the compressor output accordingly.

During peak usage, or when maximum cooling of each unit is needed, the compressor output meets the demands of each individual conditioned space, although, some living spaces with lower heat loads, may reach the set temperature more rapidly depending on local circumstances.

A Multi-Split system will easily accommodate such temperature differences and regulate the compressor output automatically, maintaining the set temperature in each living space.

This feature of a Multi-Split system allows maximum operating efficiency of the compressor at all times therefore minimising electrical power consumption.

In addition, the compressor inverter technology and sensing capabilities of the Multi-Split system ensures each room temperature is maintained never more than 0.5 degrees from the selected temperature.

Why is a Multi-split Air Conditioning System Installation better?

An indoor unit of a Multi-split air conditioning system is easily installed to either a new building or an existing structure and generally requires no additional structural elements or reinforcing to accommodate installation.

Similarly, an outdoor unit of a Multi-split system only requires a location providing clear air, a stable footing base to avoid vibration and a constant electrical power supply.

A Multi-split system has many benefits, some of them are:

  • The system has sufficient capacity for high on-demand cooling to be provided to all areas of the building at any time.
  • Compressor inverter technology enables rapid cooling of individual spaces to set temperatures. Once achieved, only minimal power demand is required by the compressor to maintain the required set temperature levels in each room.
  • Change in compressor output is totally imperceptible as the system automatically regulates compressor output and conditioned air according to heat loads within each space.

How can we help with your MULTI-SPLIT Air Conditioning System Installation?

Determining the correct capacity of a Multi-split system is critical to ensure each living space is provided with optimum cooling capacity at minimum cost. Alliance Climate Control can design a system that will meet your needs based on room use and design, number of occupants and time of anticipated peak loads.

The capacity of the system should be selected considering use and thermal load of each room, door and window location and the number of anticipated occupants.

Alliance Climate Control will make detailed measurements of the proposed living spaces and propose a system to provide comfortable cooling at the lowest possible running cost.

We will also be available at all stages, during construction and following installation, to make sure the system is installed and operating to your absolute satisfaction.

We can also maintain the system during regular scheduled service events to make sure your system is always in top operating condition.

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