Residential Air Conditioning System Installation


What is a Residential Air Conditioning System Installation?

A Residential Air Conditioning System is an energy efficient way to keep all members of the family comfortable no matter what the activity. A ducted residential Split or Multi-Split system can deliver clean comfortable air to different parts of the house all at the same time. Set temperature and comfort level can be maintained in the kitchen even while cooking or in an infants’ bedroom for quiet peaceful sleep while the rest of the family enjoy a movie or games in a family or theatre room where relaxation takes on a whole new meaning.

A typical residential split system consists of an outdoor unit housing the condenser coil and compressor. A central indoor unit either in the ceiling or below the floor incorporates the coil and blower fans whilst ducted tubes connect an outlet grille in each room to the indoor unit. A central command console allows control of comfort of the living space.

A residential Multi-split system comprises one outdoor unit supplying up to five indoor units located in the floor or ceiling cavity or in stylish wall mounted units allowing control of temperature, fan speed and other time related features to be set independently at command consoles positioned for easy access in each room or living space.

Major manufacturers of Split and Multi split systems such as Daikin or Fujitsu, incorporate “smart” technology features to ensure the compressor output meets the demands of each individual conditioned space yet consumes the least amount of energy necessary. Once the set temperature is achieved in a particular room, compressor output is automatically adjusted to maintain that room at the required temperature reducing energy consumption to the level needed.

Why is a Residential Air Conditioning System Installation better?

An indoor unit of either a Split system or Multi-split air conditioning system is generally easy to install to a new or existing residential building, generally requiring no additional structural elements or reinforcing to accommodate installation.

Similarly, the outdoor unit of either Split or Multi-split systems only requires a location providing clear air, a stable footing base and a supply of electrical power.

Split and Multi-split systems carrying Daikin or Fujitsu brand logos have been developed over many years, incorporating many benefits, including:

  • Sufficient capacity for high on-demand cooling can be provided to all designated areas of the residential building at any time.
  • Compressor inverter technology employed by Daikin and Fujitsu enable rapid cooling of individual spaces to set temperatures. Once achieved, only minimal power demand is required by the inverter compressor to maintain the required set temperature levels in each room.
  • Changes in compressor output are totally imperceptible as the system automatically regulates compressor output and conditioned air according to heat loads within each space.

How can we help with Installation of your Residential Air Conditioning System?

Determining the most suitable Split or Multi-split residential air conditioning system is critical to ensure your home is provided with the most suitable configuration and capacity to suit your needs enabling each living space to attain its optimum cooling capacity at minimum cost.

Alliance Climate Control will design a system to meet your individual needs.

The size and use of each room type and capacity will play a big part in selecting the best system for your home. Alliance Climate Control can propose the most suitable system for your needs, one that will give the most comfortable cooling at the lowest possible running cost.

Alliance Climate Control will also be available at all stages, during construction and following installation, to make sure the system is operating to your absolute satisfaction.

We would also recommend maintaining the system for you with annual scheduled service events and Alliance Climate Control’s own Eco-clean service performed every two years to make sure your system is always in top operating condition.

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