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Braemar ducted gas heating: What you need to know

For any homeowner, part of maintaining a home needs to include installing a powerful and energy-efficient cooling and heating system.

What I see happening today, however, is that most homeowners in Australia focus a lot on their cooling needs, given the relatively high temperatures we experience, and less on their heating requirements.

In discussing heating solutions, there are two main options available: split heating and gas ducted heating – split heaters are good at heating a single room or a small area of your home, making them inadequate for a large family home.

Gas ducted heating, on the other hand, is cost-effective and can heat multiple zones in your home efficiently and effectively; and one of the most popular options for ducted gas heating is Braemar heating systems.

In this post, let’s look into what you need to know about installing, servicing, and replacing these solutions.

Should you consider a Braemar system?

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Seeley International, Braemar ducted gas heating systems have been the go-to option for many homeowners for years.

Today, the brand has a wide collection of heating solutions that meet various requirements.

Significantly more energy-efficient compared to other heating solutionspossessing the first-ever six-star and seven-star energy rating – these systems aren’t affected by temperature changes outside; a challenge that homeowners have to contend with across reverse cycle heating solutions.

Moreover, these solutions from Seeley International allow up to four localised heating zones, making them more effective at delivering heat to where you need it the most.

Another benefit of ducted gas heating systems like these is that they produce heat without making the air dry, making your home cosy and comfortable during the winter.

What’s more is that when you choose a Braemar system, you can complement it with an add-on cooling unit, which utilises the ducts and vents installed for heating.

This compatibility means you don’t need to invest in a separate cooling solution.

Replace or repair: What to do with your old gas heating system

The answer to this very question depends on how long you’ve been using your Braemar gas heating system.

If your unit is older than ten years, we recommend replacing it with a newer model. Replacing is generally more cost-effective compared to repairing your old system in the long run, as an older unit may develop further issues down the line and won’t be at peak performance.

Newer models, on the other hand, tend to be more energy-efficient and leverage cutting-edge technology, saving you plenty of money on your utility bills.

That said, if your unit is relatively new, you can save thousands of dollars by having your system repaired by technicians who are well-versed with Braemar systems.

Regular system maintenance can go a long way in keeping your unit in tip-top condition too and will prevent you from having to replace it prematurely.

What you need to consider when replacing your Braemar gas heating unit

There are several things you need to consider before replacing the gas ducted heating system in your home; for one, you need to choose a system that meets your needs.

If you choose the wrong unit, you will definitely be paying more in electricity bills across the entire life cycle of your heating solution.

Another thing to consider is compatibility – not all systems are created equal.

If you already own a ducted heating system from another brand, you need to talk to your heating and cooling installation service and choose a Braemar unit that is comparable in size and can utilise the ducts and vents of your old system.

Choose the right Braemar system for more powerful heating

If you want to install, replace or repair your old heating system, speak to local technicians who know their way around all things HVAC.

When you do, it’s worth considering that Braemar gas heating is one of the best home heating brands in Australia. Given its energy efficiency, zonal heating capabilities, and integrative technology, most customers get more than what they bargained for when they choose Braemar。

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