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Brivis Star Pro Ducted Gas Heating Solution

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This will be a dynamic field that you can easily change by adding your own shortcode to the post. Ducted air conditioning is by far the cleanest, quietest and most energy efficient way to bring the comfort of conditioned air to your home or office.

Ducted Gas Heating by Brivis is made of a heating unit that is wired to a battery of outlets through a duct system.

The ducts and outlets are installed throughout the home, whether in the ceiling or in the floors. The general position of a heating unit depends for each home- if the house’s foundation is a concrete slab, then the heating unit is placed on the roof. If it has a good underground space, then the heating unit is positioned right below the floor. The ducts that link the outlet directly to the heating component are discreetly placed out of sight.


Ducted heating for the whole house

Ducted Gas Heating by Brivis is certainly one of the best way to heat your whole house. You may save up to 35% in operating costs to generate heat for your household per year by using a highly efficient, ducted gas heating by Brivis.

A home that depends on electrical appliances for heat generates three times more greenhouse gas emissions than a household using ducted gas heating appliances by Brivis.

Zoned Control

Utilising a zone system will allow you to significantly lessen energy consumption and costs by producing heat when and where you need them most.

How does this work?

The system of ducted gas heating by Brivis pulls in the air from your home via a return grille. The collected air is processed by the heater and then warmed. A fan pushes it out onto the rooms of the house using the passages of ducts and outlets and comes off as a stream of steady, gentle and pleasantly warm air. When the standing temperature of your house hits the pre-set temperature limit, the heating unit’s burners are automatically shut off. The fans slowly stop revolving and makes sure that all remaining heat is dispersed. Air temperature is monitored by the Brivis controller, which also controls the system of ducted gas heating by Brivis to maintain a constant warm air circulating throughout your home.

Advanced technology

The whole of technology harnessed in the Brivis StarPro series are testament to Brivis’ 50 years of Australian heating experience. The features of the StarPro series by Brivis guarantee that your home is effectively heated while saving you expense and energy. All aspects of the StarPro series are designed to make it more efficient, unobtrusive, reliable, and more powerful.

The StarPro heaters series by Brivis come with a spark ignition system to start the burners. A flame sensor located at the burner’s end transmits a signal confirming an ignition is made on the entire burner. The gas increases to maximum levels in a short time to warm the heat exchanger. The fan circulates slowly, then speeds up to optimal revolutions to heat up the house. Doing this makes sure the startup is as quiet as possible, generates and delivers the heat in the shortest time possible while eliminating the instance you might feel a cold draught while the fan is starting.

For more information on Brivis StarPro Ducted Gas Heating products or services, please call Alliance Climate Control on 02 8061 5023 or send us an online enquiry.


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