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Ducted vs Split System - Pros and Cons

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
Total control over the temperature even in individual rooms and spaces Not a solution for all types of homes – such as small apartments
More discrete than other types of AC units – usually hidden away in the ceiling or wall Can be a bigger investment than a split system
Also discrete in noise – generally quieter than split systems Without zoning functions, cooling one room will carry the cost of cooling the entire home
Ability to cool and heat your entire home


Split Air Conditioning Systems
Non-invasive installations – mounted on a wall rather than within the structures of a building The external condenser can be unappealing for some – it isn’t always easy to hide them away
Highly flexible – a system that can be mounted almost anywhere in the home Only able to circulate air in one large room
Quick to install The system can be seen rather than hidden away in the ceiling
Lower installation and running costs than a ducted


If you are unsure about which air conditioning system is best for your home, it is best to speak with a qualified and licensed air conditioning technician. Call us at xxxxxxx to have one of our senior technicians come out to conduct a heat load calculation for an obligation-free quote.


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