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"There's no tune up need, it's not a car"? All it needs is the filters cleaned every so often, that's it.

We hear this at least once a day. An electrical and mechanical device needs regular maintenance/service/tune-up to make sure that it can continue to work efficiently.

Air conditioning manufacturers recommend regularly cleaning your filter and having your AC maintained by a qualified air conditioning technician on a yearly basis.

Like a car, an AC has many working and moving components that experiences wear and tear. Over time, bacteria, slime, dirt, dust and other pollutants even black mould will grow within your air conditioning. Unfortunately, black mould is very common, highly toxic and thrive in an unmaintained air conditioning systems.

Regular maintenance, service, tune-up will make sure that your air conditioning is functioning efficiently and not overworking which means reducing your energy bills. Most importantly, a regularly maintained air conditioning will mean cleaner and fresher air within your home”

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