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What does it mean to be an Arctick licensed dealer?

The Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 (the Regulations) cover licensing requirements for those who work with fluorocarbon refrigerants and refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

In June 2005 the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) was appointed by the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources to administer the refrigeration and air conditioning aspects of the Regulations.

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) is responsible for granting refrigerant handling licences and refrigerant trading authorisations, as well as conducting compliance checks and breaches on refrigerant handling.

As an ARC tick licensed dealer, it means we are authorised and trained to work with refrigeration and air conditioning equipment which means responsibly dealing with fluorocarbon refrigerant which is harmful to the environment if emitted to the atmosphere.

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