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How To Take Care Of Your Ducted Air Conditioning

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Having a ducted air conditioning system in your home is one good way of enjoying a cool day inside your house while not minding how much you are going to pay for your power bills. And although it is the cheapest air conditioning mechanism, it is still the best and most efficient household cooling system.

But to continue enjoying the coolness provided by your ducted AC, you must be able to take care of your system for it to last long and sustain its efficiency. To achieve this, regular maintenance is the key.

But before knowing how to properly take good care of your AC system, you should know what would happen if you don’t. For one, it can lead to contamination. Dust and germs can accumulate in your filter when you do not clean your AC system, and these particles can spread all throughout your home. Second, an air conditioner system laden with dust and dirt can make the system work harder twice or thrice than it should, consuming more energy and increasing your power bill. Lastly, it can lead to its faster breakdown and malfunctioning.

Now, how can you keep this from happening?

First off, regularly clean your filters. This way of maintaining your AC is the easiest to do yourself. You should familiarize yourself on how to keep your AC filter clean. There are two ways of doing this: replacing new filters and/or cleaning them, with the latter only recommendable for AC units with washable filters. When replacing filters, make sure you choose ones with high minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV. The higher its ratings the better is its filtration performance.

Second in the list is that you must also perform regular checks in your system (inspecting your filters can also be included in this). By doing regular checks, you can discover leaks or problems in insulation. To detect leaks, you can use the “smoke trick”, which you can do by passing a lighted incense stick or smoke pen along the ducts. Foil tapes can be used to cover these leaks and also insulate the ducts.

Also, if you suspect that your system is malfunctioning or that part of your house is not cooling well as much as the other, you must immediately consult your dealer or a local AC technician to check on it. Urgent response on these minor break downs can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Lastly, you must schedule a yearly maintenance check on your system. This overall system check and clean-up will deal with more complicated maintenance tasks that you must not do on your own. By doing this, little defects can be prevented before they can become worse, allowing you to enjoy the coolness of your home much longer.