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Do you have a home that’s too big for your standard air conditioning unit? Maybe you have a larger home and want the best air conditioning system that’s going to efficiently cool your space. No matter what you need, Alliance can get it done with a custom air conditioner.

Custom air conditioning is the best way to get the most out of your air con. There’s nothing worse than paying for air conditioning, only to walk into a humid, muggy room that is not being cooled effectively. Unfortunately, these problems are all too common. If you don’t get the right advice, you may end up installing the wrong type of air conditioner to best suit your home.

When you choose to install a custom air conditioner with Alliance Climate Control, you can select a VRV air conditioner or multi split system for your home or office. Each of these systems give you flexibility and control to customise the size and configuration of your cooling system.

With just one call, one of our friendly team members can help you figure out what type of air conditioning system is going to work for you, and how best to get it installed. Call the team at Alliance today to find out more.

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What is Multi-Split System Air Conditioning?

A multi-split air conditioning system is an air conditioner that features one outdoor compressor that connects to multiple indoor units. Instead of using ducts as a ducted system would, these indoor units are instead connected by refrigerant lines through your house. Up to eight indoor units can be connected to a multi-split system, although they are more commonly seen with five or six units connected.

Because the refrigerant lines connect each indoor unit straight to the outdoor compressor, each indoor unit can be a different style. That means you could have a wall-mounted air conditioner in one room, and a ceiling cassette unit in the next.

These systems give you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to configuring the cooling system for your home. From size to style, you can customise a multi-split system to perfectly suit your home. The ability to customise these systems, make them an extremely popular system across Aussie homes and businesses.

If you think a custom multi-split system air con is the solution your home has been looking for, give the experts at Alliance Climate Control a call. We can help you design and install your perfect cooling system.

Multi Split System Installation

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What Are the Benefits of
Multi-Split System Air Conditioning? ​

With one of the most unique designs in air conditioning, there are lots of benefits to a multi-split air conditioning system. This versatile system is cheap, efficient, and makes for a great addition in any home, office or apartment complex.


Zoned Cooling

The only air you’ll get with an evaporative cooler is completely clean, fresh air. Any air that comes into your home through the evaporative cooler is clean air taken from outside. Once the air is cooled and circulated through your home, that stale air exists out of a window, instead of being recycled through your home. Only using fresh air, instead of recycling stale air, is a huge benefit for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Great For Large Spaces

A multi-split system is perfect for larger homes, because you can have multiple indoor units. If you have a large home, an office or a small apartment building, having a multi-split air conditioning system will let you have different units in different rooms that can be controlled individually. You can have up to eight different indoor units connected up to one multi-split air conditioning system. Because each indoor unit is connected to one main outdoor unit, this space-saving design lets you cool a huge amount of area without needing much room to house it, and lots of time to install it.

Indoor Unit Flexibility

A multi-split air conditioning system allows you to have different air conditioning units in each room in the house. Not every room is the same in any home, so why should they all have the same type of air conditioning unit? When installing a multi-split air conditioning system,

you can choose between these air conditioning units to install in each room, connected to the same system:

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Is Multi-Split System Air Conditioning Right for Me?


At Alliance, we understand it can be difficult deciding which air conditioning system is right for you. That’s why we are here to help.

If you have a larger home, would like to zone your air conditioning or just like the ability to have different air conditioning units in each room without losing efficiency, then a multi-split system is right for you.

Multi-split system air conditioners give flexibility in a way that no other air conditioners do. You won’t have to worry about crazy installation fees, because the system is cheap enough to run that before long it will have paid for itself.

A multi-split system is also quiet, responsive to changing heat loads and reduces power demand thanks to its high coefficient of operating performance. If these elements all appeal to you, there is no reason you won’t love a multi-system air conditioner.

The best part: Alliance can customise a multi-split system to suit your home. So if your house is large, or has an unusual design, a multi-split system gives you the ability to tailor your air con system to your home. For more information on these custom services, give the Alliance team a call today.

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Qualified Contractors

Cm3 certification is a Work Health & Safety (WHS) prequalification system. Being Cm3 certified, means our business has demonstrated the highest-level health and safety capabilities as well as having the right insurances and licences to protect our customers. Using a Cm3 certified technician is crucial to ensuring you and your project are in safe and protected hands.

What is a VRV Air Conditioning System?

A VRV (or variable refrigerant volume) air conditioning system is one that delivers just enough refrigerant to each connected indoor air conditioning unit to meet its cooling needs. Unlike other systems, a VRV system will detect when a room is no longer occupied and will stop sending that indoor unit refrigerant. As a result this lowers its emissions and operating costs.

VRV air conditioning systems are large scale and can have up to sixty-four indoor units connected to just one outdoor unit, making it perfect for commercial buildings, offices and large apartment blocks. You can customise the location and layouts of the indoor units to best suit your location.

VRV air conditioning is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to connect that many indoor units from a single outdoor unit. This is why it is so popular among homes and businesses across Australia.

If this sounds like the custom air conditioning system you’ve been looking for, don’t keep waiting on it! Alliance Climate Control can install your custom VRV air conditioning system. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling.

VRV Air Conditioning

What Are the Benefits of VRV Air Conditioning? ​

VRV air conditioning is a sophisticated system that can run over fifty indoor air conditioning units from a single outdoor unit. But the sheer size of a VRV air conditioning system isn’t the only attractive feature of the system. There are many benefits that come with installing a VRV system in your offices, apartment block or commercial building.

Automatic Comfort

A VRV air conditioning system will automatically adjust the interior temperature of each room to a comfortable level. If a room is too hot or cold, the system will use a tiny amount of energy to send enough refrigerant to that unit to maintain a comfortable temperature in that room. Additionally, this feature will automatically reduce the humidity in the air. The way the system can automatically adjust so many rooms at once to maintain a comfortable level is one of the biggest selling points for a VRV air conditioning system.

Cooling And Heating Provided

Unlike other air conditioning systems, a VRV air conditioning system can provide both cooling and heating options. This system will passively heat or cool each connected room until it’s at the predetermined, comfortable level. That means no matter how hot or cold it is outside, it’s always going to be perfect in each room.

Silent Air Flow

Because the primary motor of a VRV air conditioning system is outside, it’s almost completely silent; no more noises and vibrations coming from loud indoor units. A VRV system is going to keep your room cool without disturbing your work or your sleep.


Energy Efficient Design

A VRV air conditioning system runs at a lower capacity for a smaller amount of time throughout the day, making it far more energy-efficient. This system harnesses and uses hot and cold air to regulate a specific indoor temperature. Because it’s harnessing already hot or cold air to maintain a constant temperature, it’s using far less energy than other fans and air conditioners would. Not only does that make it far more energy-efficient, but it’s cheaper to run as well.

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Is VRV Air Conditioning Right for Me?

Choosing the Right Ducted Air

VRV air conditioning systems are perfect for anyone wanting to maintain a comfortable temperature level in multiple rooms all year long. High comfort and low humidity are what this air conditioning system specialises in. So, if you are looking for a cooling system that produces consistent comfort levels, flexible zoning options and lower energy costs, the VRC air conditioning system is for you.

If you have a small, one-bedroom apartment, a VRV system is not going to be a great investment. But the more rooms you need cooled, and the more efficient of a system you require, the more a VRV system becomes the perfect choice for you. If you work in an industrial building, large office, hotel or corporate building, a VRV air conditioning may be perfect for you.

If you want to know more about VRV air conditioning systems, have a chat with the experts at Alliance! Our team will determine if this system is right for you and walk you along the next steps. Give us a call now!

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Is VRV Better Than Multi-Split System Air Conditioning?

VRV air conditioning is better than multi-split air conditioning in larger buildings with lots of rooms. VRV air conditioning works similarly to multi-split air conditioning. Both connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor compressor. The first major difference between the two types is that VRV air conditioning is built for large-scale buildings like large office blocks and hospitals, while multi-split systems are more commonly found in large homes and small office blocks.

The other difference is that a multi-split gives you greater control over the temperature in each room, while a VRV system works best to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature and humidity across multiple rooms. If you are looking for an air conditioning system for a large home, a multi-split system may be better, while a VRV system is going to be far more effective in a large office block.

Get Started on a Custom Air Conditioning Installation

Do you have a building that requires custom air conditioning? Look no further than the team here at Alliance Climate Control. Our team can install custom air conditioning solutions for any sized project. From homes to hospitals, we can do it all.
For more information on how a custom air conditioning system will benefit you, give us a call today. We make sure there’s always someone to take your call, and your questions never go unanswered; that’s the Alliance difference.

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B.J, Mahran, Oscar, Chris and Daniel were great. We had them install AC in 3 rooms. Very friendly and professional. Really appreciate also changing the colour of the pipe for us in the lounge to match our white walls. Highly recommend.
Gabriel was right on time,very polite and professional,servicing my Brivis Gas Central Heater System.Highly recommended.
We has a great experience with Alliance Climate Control. From the initial discussions with Zac, a detailed quote from James factoring in our unique situation, to a quick and efficient install by BJ, Mahran, Oscar, JJ and Peter, everyone was... flexible, professional and delivered a high standard of more
The team at Alliance were excellent, easy process from consultation through to installation. Very friendly
Professional, know what they're doing, careful in what they do and always clean up after themselves
Highly recommend Alliance to anyone wanting Air con at home.They are very organised, communicated well throughout the whole process, were hard working, did what they promised and best of all did a high quality job that was very neat and... more
The team from Alliance Climate Control probably answered all my questions and kept me fully informed every step of the way. The team were incredibly polite, turned up when they said they would and did a terrific job. And then they took all the... rubbish away. Yahoo. Excellent!read more
Friendly, patient and helpful. Excellent!
Matt Anderson & his dependable colleagues, Felecio and Eunos were professional in their interactions with us during their time replacing / installing the new bedroom aircon unit. They were punctual, reliable, setting their high standards in... workmanship, and showing that they cared about every aspect of their job. We would highly recommend this team & company for any future similar more
Chris and the team took on a niche home networking job for me to cable up 12 runs across 5 rooms. Fully accredited cable installation, fantastic cable management and wouldn't rest until all cables were terminated at the patch panel and fully passed.... I couldn't be happier. I've used Alliance before for all the air-con units in the property and they came through again for a slightly different job than the norm. From the start I was consulted with on different options, fantastic communication throughout and an absolutely stellar end result. Massive thank you to Chris who was present throughout and handled the job with ease, though I know it wasn't simple. Thanks again team!read more
Difficult job, but fantastic result.
This is the second time we’ve used this business. Excellent service from start to finish. Very happy to recommend them
Adian and his offsider (apologies forgot his name) were the most professional tradesmen to ever put foot on my premises. Nothing was a problem for them and they made us feel most at ease. Because of these two I would always recommend Alliance air... conditioning to anyone. They were a credit to their organisation. 5 more
Alliance technician Hamid came to our home & thoroughly diagnosed the issues with our 8 yr old aircon system which required parts and cleaning. Hamid returned a few weeks later to complete the work to our total satisfaction. It was not cheap costing... over $4000 but the mould & dirt that was extracted from our 5 units was incredible. Extremely satisfied & will call Alliance/Hamid & his partner back every 12 mnths from now on.Heather & PeterKingsfordread more
The ACC team did a fantastic job installing our multisplit in our apartment.Aron, Andres R, Ivan T and Tommy produced high quality workmanship and consulted us where we wanted all parts located.My favourite aspects were that they made it look... good (minimising visual impact) and cleaned up after installing.I'm so happy we heard about them from neighbours. I would definitely go with them again if we needed aircon in the more
Great experience with Alliance Climate Control. They were very professional from the first point of contact all the way through to the installation. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Andres and Ivan were professional, respectful and ensured that area was protected during work. And they cleaned up well at end.
Polite, efficient service.

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