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Evaporative Cooler Installation

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What Is An Evaporative Cooler?​

If you’re looking for more affordable or environmentally friendly options for cooling – an evaporative cooler might be the best option for your home.

An evaporative cooler is an air conditioner cools your home by evaporating hot dry air from the outdoors and pushing the cooler fresh air into your home. The evaporating process allows the hot air to drop in temperature similar to how a moist cloth would feel good on your forehead after being out on a hot sunny day.

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How Does An
Evaporative Cooler Work?

An evaporative cooler uses evaporation and mechanises it to efficiently lower the temperature of indoor air. Generally, the machine will have a water reservoir, fan, a thick pad, and some additional accessories. Hot, dry air is drawn into the machine and travels through the cooler pads.

These thick cooling pads will absorb water from the reservoir. While the hot air travels through the cooling pads, the evaporative process begins which causes the air temperature inside the system to drop. The fan works to blow the cooled air into your home.

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Benefits Of An Evaporative Cooler


Natural Fresh Air

Evaporative Coolers uses fresh air from the outdoors whereas air conditioners use air already inside of your home. Recycled air from air conditioning tends to dry out the air and circulate allergens when not regularly maintained.



Evaporative Coolers are designed to use less power per hour compared to a traditional air conditioner which means less impact on your bank account.


Cool Open Areas

As evaporative coolers use evaporative technology and can be used even in open areas unlike air conditioners which manufactures cold air so doors and windows must be kept shut.



As evaporative coolers use less electricity, this means it will have less impact on our environment. It also doesn’t use any refrigerant which has been known to negatively affect our ozone layer.

Need help with your
Evaporative Cooling System?

Do you get blocked sinuses all of the time? You probably didn’t know that air conditioning could be the cause. You probably also didn’t know that chronic dry skin is also often the result of using air conditioning. 

Given the high cost of running an air conditioner and the health-related concerns it causes, it’s pretty normal to run into people that don’t like using them. So, what other option do you have? What else can you do to keep cool during the hot Summer months if you don’t want to rely on air conditioning?

The solution you are looking for is called evaporative cooling. An evaporative cooler is an amazing technology that utilizes fresh air from outside of your home to cool the interior of your home. While it may seem like a complex process, the truth is that it’s a very simple technology that has far fewer components than an air conditioner does.




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