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Panasonic Air Conditioning Experts

Alliance Climate Control offers only the best in air conditioner products and services. That is why we provide a full range of Panasonic air conditioners and supporting services to cater to all of your climate control needs. From the smallest room in your house requiring some heating love in winter, to the largest office spaces needing some cooling down in summer, we have the answer in the form of Panasonic air conditioning. With multiple models available, our air conditioning specialists can help you find the perfect product for your home or office. We host split-system, ducted, and multi-split system air conditioners from Panasonic to provide variety in your air conditioning choices. The decades of experience we have in air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs means that we can provide quality services no matter the job at hand. These services on offer include more than your basic installation and repair of air conditioning units. We understand at Alliance Climate Control that professional services should not end after the initial installation process. That is why we also offer:
  • Fitting of replacement units
  • Refurbishment and renovation work
  • Duct repairs
  • Duct cleaning
  • Regular maintenance checks
If you are having difficulty picking out your preferred air conditioning unit, one of our team members is always ready to jump in and lead you towards one that fits your space and budget. You are guaranteed a reliable and quality Panasonic air conditioner whenever you reach out to us. If you have any further questions, you can give us a call any time of the day.
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Why Choose Panasonic Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioning Experts

Alliance Climate Control has years of experience providing installation, maintenance, and repair services for air conditioners, offering you quality service no matter the Panasonic model.

Total Air Solutions

Just like how Panasonic air conditioners offer various features to cover all climate needs, we offer total air solutions through our numerous air conditioning services on offer.


Ongoing Quality Support

Our support does not end after the initial installation process, with a range of aftercare services available for your Panasonic product whenever needed.


Our support team are available over the phone 24/7 to answer any of your pressing air conditioning matters.

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Are you having problems wth your Panasonic air conditioner?

Panasonic air conditioning units are some of the most advanced in the air conditioning market at the moment, but time can wear down on any model, no matter how advanced. In the case that you begin experiencing problems with your air conditioner, our Panasonic Troubleshooting Guide should help you determine the issue and how to get your unit back on track.

In the case that troubleshooting efforts are not improving your air conditioner’s performance, our team is always available to help. Alliance Climate Control has plenty of experience in providing maintenance and repair services for a whole range of products, including the Panasonic air conditioning brand. Our services are just a call away, and you can always request a free quote for your air conditioner.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Range

Panasonic air conditioners are some of the best in the industry for both residential and commercial environments. With a strong focus on providing air conditioners that create a comfortable healthy living space, you can be sure that your livelihood is carefully considered in the creation of any Panasonic product.

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we recognise this drive for improved indoor air quality, which is why we offer a range of Panasonic air conditioners for our clients to peruse. On top of that, we also guarantee quality installation, maintenance, and repair services for all products to keep your air conditioning unit running optimally for years to come.

Split AC Systems

Panasonic’s range of split-system air conditioners offers better energy efficiency, even as your unit offers optimal climate control across multiple rooms. With both heating and cooling on offer along with an air purification system, you can be guaranteed a clean and healthy environment.

panasonic ducted ac

Ducted AC Systems

If discreet cooling and heating solutions are your preference, Panasonic offers ducted air conditioning at its highest quality. Every unit’s intuitive settings and energy efficiency make them an appealing answer for keeping large spaces at optimal temperatures with no additional fuss.

Multi Split AC Systems

Multi-split systems from Panasonic offer some of the best services for those requiring air conditioning across several rooms, regardless of size. Homes and offices alike can enjoy the benefits of a reliable air conditioner packed with total air solutions.

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner

Split systems on offer from Panasonic focus on providing consistent airflow and temperature control across several rooms. Each model comes with an air purification system that utilises nanoe™ technology to cleanse the air of odours and airborne debris. By working to improve air quality across all connected rooms, your comfort can be guaranteed by Panasonic’s efforts.

Panasonic air conditioning units also incorporate smart controls in their split systems, allowing for intuitive voice control or Wi-Fi control to be utilised from your hand-held device. Temperature adjustments, energy consumption measurements, and mode changes can all be done from wherever you and your mobile are located.

If you are looking for convenience alongside your optimal climate control, then give us a call to talk about installing a new split-system air conditioner.

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner Range

HZ Series - Heating and Cooling with Air purification

Panasonic ultra premium reverse cycle with unique air purification: nanoe™ X Mark 2, Built in Wi-Fi and iAuto-X with Humidity sensor.

Z series – Cooling or Heating with Air Purification​

Panasonic’s smartest premium reverse cycle, split air conditioner with built in Wi-Fi, and nanoe™ X air purification technology.

RZ series - Cooling or Heating​

Panasonic’s reverse cycle wall mounted split systems offer quiet and efficient cooling and heating. Together with intuitive voice control and Wi-Fi control.

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Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioning offers discreet climate control throughout a building, with vents capable of being installed in walls, ceilings, and floors alike. This versatility of installation makes a Panasonic ducted air conditioner an excellent choice for those who need a unique solution to their air conditioning installation.

Using both an outdoor and indoor unit to cover the entire house or office, ducted air conditioning is a flexible form of technology that fits itself into your space. You can design the ventilation system in a manner that best suits your existing home, or incorporate it into your new home designs before construction begins. All models come with a self-diagnosing and automatic restart function, meaning that any issue can be overcome by the system, or accurately reported to a professional if needed.

Alliance Climate Control is the professional to call if you are looking for ducted services, so do not hesitate to reach out with any related questions.

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioner Range


Ducted AC | PE3 Slit Series

High static and large airflow ducted for exceptional installation flexibility, with Leading Control Options.

  • Class leading energy efficiency
  • Heating or cooling whole house
  • High performance, compact body size
  • Anti corrosion

Ducted AC | PE3 Series

High static and large airflow ducted, with nanoe X air purification, and exceptional installation flexibility.

  • Class leading energy efficiency
  • Heating or cooling whole house
  • High performance, compact body size
  • 24-hour nanoe™X air purification*

Ducted AC | PF3 Series

Slim and exceptional performance, perfectly suited to installations with low ceiling, or vertical installation.

  • Class leading energy efficiency
  • Heating or cooling whole house
  • High performance, compact body size
  • 24-hour nanoe™X air purification*

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What Our Clients Are
Saying About Alliance

Peter Biasotoo
Read More
From the time I contacted Alliance to the completion of a new ducted gas heating system I have nothing but praise for the company and its staff. Initial inspection was done by Jake & Kirk Who provided me with the quote and confidence to proceed with the job. Their office did follow up to coordinate installation date and time of the arrival by the guys doing the installation.

The courteous and professional approach by Jonathan Thomas Sam and Peter is a credit to them as representatives of Alliance and having dealt with many contractors in my career and by comparison they are up there with the best, as individuals and as a company in the industry. I would be most pleased to recommend the company and its staff to any body that wishes to contact me.
Ted Robinson
Read More
I don't think I've ever come in contact with a better-run business than this one. From the first inspection to talking through the options right through to installation this mob was stunningly professional - they always turned up on time, communication with the office was perfect, all the documentation was excellent; whoever runs this business really needs to be congratulated. Then on the day of the installation, an unpleasantly hot day to be working up in the roof, they sent three excellent young blokes - Harry, Aaron P. and Aiden, who did a really great job.

I recommend these guys without hesitation; I'll give my sister in Crows Nest a ring and proselitize today as I sit back and enjoy a day when 33 is forecast, rather than suffer through it.
James Mussillon
Read More
The boys were fantastic I will mention their names Brad Kai Steve James and Tim did a fantastic job installing my air conditioning all very professional respected My House did a fantastic job on time cleaned up all mess and above all know how to make the customer happy there on time and everything I set out in the plan was delivered thank you so much team for letting me enjoy the benefits of your great work I was so impressed with them I signed up for service planned so our relationship continues into the future because I believe I can trust them which I find very rare in companies these days good old-fashioned service is coming back And I feel Canberra is lucky that Alliance has come to the market Because Canberra will benefit.

Because least when these boys do a job is done properly the first time and I feel they will get a great Reputation fast faultless and word-of-mouth has a long way in a small town.
Read More
The Alliance team were excellent from first contact through to quote and installation. I couldn’t be happier with the service. Everyone I have dealt with has been super friendly and courteous. The installation team arrived on time, calling half an hour before arrival.

Work carried out was explained clearly prior to commencement and I was consulted on any predilections. All care was taken to ensure my furniture was protected from dust caused by drilling, and clean-up was performed brilliantly after completion. It was a big job, however the team were always professional and considerate, taking great care with the installation and the overall aesthetics. I was so impressed with the service that I am now scheduling my next installation. Highly recommended.

Thanks to B.J. Noah, Adrian, Tory, Zac, Joe, Charlene, Sam.
Patrick Reeves
Read More
We sort 4 quotes to replace our old ducted system with a new Daikin Zoned System. Two quotes were $3k more than Alliance Climate Control, one was cheaper, but they did not appear to be very professional and wanted to install in the easiest manner which would have left a strip of conduit running down our wall to the control panel.

Michael and his team from Alliance CC were able to replace our existing unit with the minimum amount of change to our existing set up. They were very competitive, they were professional in there manner, they took care not to tramp dirt through the house (on a rainy day), they turned up when they said. We are very happy with the new system, which is so quite compared to the old unit it replaced. I know of 4 other owners in our complex who (gained seperate quotes) have since used Alliance CC to change over their old units.
Kelly Cranko
Read More
I cannot praise Alliance Climate Control highly enough .

It is definitely one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time.

I give it 5 stars for admin, professionalism , punctuality, helpfulness , neatness ... It was a pleasure to deal with them from start to finish. They even called me back on a Saturday afternoon when I could not operate the air conditioner (no fault of theirs) - they talked me through it and it worked within minutes . I would not hesitate to recommend them

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Panasonic Multi Split Air Conditioner

Even without opening a window, it will feel like your whole house or office is full of fresh air with the efforts of Panasonic’s multi-split air conditioning range. The air purification system works hard to keep the air free of any pollutants or pathogens, whilst the reverse cycle function keeps the temperature at the desired level. With various indoor models on offer, you can take your pick of Panasonic air conditioners that will work well in the interior of your building.

Every multi-split system from Panasonic comes with your choice of control options. Enjoy a range of wireless remotes, or choose to include a Wi-Fi control for greater convenience. The addition of intuitive voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa means that your air conditioner can be as smart as possible.

If you are ready to bring this boost in technological advances into your home, you can contact one of our experienced team members about the installation process.

Panasonic Multi Split Air Conditioner Range


Multi Split AC | Up to 3 Rooms

  • Capacity Range: 4.5kW – 9.9kW
  • Houses with limited roof or outdoor space
  • Small-to-large houses
  • Variety of indoor units
  • Heating or cooling multiple rooms


Multi Split AC | Up to 4 Rooms

  • Capacity Range: 4.5 kW – 14.7 kW
  • Houses with limited roof or outdoor space
  • Replacing existing R32 refrigerant
  • Small-to-medium homes
  • Variety of indoor units

Panasonic Multi Head Systems

Multi Split AC | Up to 5 Rooms

  • Capacity Range: 4.5 kW – 18.3 kW
  • Houses with limited roof or outdoor space
  • Small-to-large houses
  • Heating or cooling multiple rooms
  • Variety of indoor units

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Some Of Our Panasonic Air Conditioner Service & Installations Work

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Popular Brands We Service

Alliance Climate Control are experienced specialists in the air conditioning industry, which is why provide services for numerous air conditioning brands beyond Panasonic. We provide our installation, maintenance, and repair services for additional brands like:

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FAQs: Panasonic Air Conditioner Services

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we place our client’s satisfaction above anything else. That is why we offer only the best installation, maintenance, and repair services possible. With years of experience backing up our proffered air conditioner solutions, you can be sure that our offered services are ones that you can trust with your home or office.

No matter the project at hand, we are always ready to tackle a challenge and come out the other side victorious. Our in-house services mean you can be sure to have optimal air conditioning services ready to go in a matter of moments, regardless if you are having trouble with your Panasonic air conditioner’s voice control, or a blockage in the air purification system.

For those looking for Panasonic air conditioning services, or other air conditioning needs, book an appointment with one of our friendly team members right away.

Alliance Climate Control offers a free quote for our installation services for all potential clients, including those for Panasonic air conditioning. The exact cost of this installation depends on several factors, including what model is being installed, and how much work must be done to make the building fit for installation.

All air conditioner models require regular servicing to ensure that their performance continues to be optimal. For example, an air conditioner’s air filter should be cleaned every six months and changed every three years. Regular cleaning should be conducted to the unit’s exterior to help ensure the air purification system and reverse cycle function continue unhindered.

If you believe that there is something out of the norm with your Panasonic air conditioning unit, however, you should contact Alliance Climate Control for professional servicing.

Irregularities in your air conditioner functionality are a clear sign that your unit requires repairing. Some of the more common signs include:

  • Inability to change the temperature or random temperature fluctuations
  • Strange sounds when the unit is turned on
  • A bad odour like burning or mould
  • Moisture leakage

It may be time to replace your air conditioner if there are no repair solutions that are feasible or cost-effective for your current air conditioner unit. While most Panasonic air conditioners are capable of running strong for ten years, you may need to replace your unit before then if you notice your air conditioner is:

  • Failing to match your programmed temperature
  • Fluctuating in temperature
  • Causing a sudden increase in energy bills
  • Making strange noises
  • Leaking water or creating strange smells
  • Requiring more repairs that are becoming costly


If this is the case for your Panasonic air conditioning unit, Alliance Climate Control is ready to offer you a range of new Panasonic models to choose from. Our expertise guarantees efficient and effective replacement services, as well as sound advice on which unit will best suit your space and environment. If you are looking to replace your old air conditioner, go ahead and give us a call to get started.