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What is a Switchboard?

A Switchboard upgrades is the gateway for all electrical power to your home and the key to your electrical safety. Power from street wires or perhaps a solar system, always connects to your switchboard first. This is also where the amount of energy consumed by your household is shown on electricity usage meters together with main switches to isolate power and hot water systems and any additional isolating switches fitted. Porcelain fuses or circuit breakers ensure safe use of electricity for lighting, cooking and other functions, however, Alliance Climate Control strongly recommend replacing porcelain fuses with circuit breakers together with a safety switch to prevent damage from electrical short circuits but more importantly to ensure the safety of you and your family. A switchboard is also the place where representatives from your electricity provider record your electricity consumption every 3 months. Consequently, your switchboard should have clear access from the street. If you have or propose to erect fencing to keep your pets safe, the switchboard should be located outside the fenced area to provide easy access for the meter reader. Your switchboard should also be given primary consideration when making renovations or house improvements that are likely to affect power consumption. For instance, if you should decide to install a pool or air conditioning system, both of which require significant amounts of energy to run, a specific circuit and circuit breaker and maybe an isolator switch for each facility should be incorporated at the switchboard. Alliance Climate Control technicians can advise the best method of electrical protection for you and your home.
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How can we help upgrade or repair your switchboard?

Switchboards usually go unnoticed until a problem arises such as loss of power or perhaps an appliance that repeatedly causes the safety switch to trip. However, if the problem is a faulty appliance, quarantining that article until repaired or replaced should resolve the immediate problem.

However, in the interests of good maintenance, it is also good practice to purposely “trip” or reset each circuit breaker regularly to make sure the safety device is working correctly.

If more serious symptoms are evident such as unexplained “trips” of your safety devices or any unexplained or intermittent fault experienced, Alliance Climate Control are on call 24/7 and can make a detailed inspection including an itemised report of the health of your switchboard.

In these inspections, we will inspect:

  • Condition of all connections to fuses/circuit breakers and safety switches fitted within your meter box.
  • Function of the circuit breakers and safety switches fitted to ensure the required level of protection is enabled
  • Condition of the power entry connections from the street or solar system

How can we help upgrade or repair your switchboard?

Keeping your switchboard in good order makes good sense and prevention of dust and rainwater from entering are often as simple as keeping the door closed tightly. Often insects might try to build a nest or habitat there; clear these away as soon as possible and always keep the door securely closed

Additionally, it is also a good idea to activate the circuit breakers and safety switches at least at 6 monthly intervals. This will ensure your level of protection is assured in the event a short circuit or other event causes concern for the safety of your house and family.

If you should need any assistance or experience any unexplained “trip” of your safety device, don’t hesitate to contact Alliance Climate Control, our technicians are on call 24/7 and able to take care of your problem night or day.

For switchboard upgrades service in Sydney metro area by trained electricians please contact Alliance Climate Control today on (02) 8061 5023


Before, Unprotected Switchboards


After,  Safety Switches & Surge Protection


After,  Safety Switches & Surge Protection

Does your Switchboard look like this?
When was the last time you had your Electrical inspected?

Older style switchboards, especially the type with ceramic fuses aren’t particularly conducive to modern day electrical demands and as such need replacing. Ceramic fuses, could be putting you and your family at risk or be an emergency waiting to happen. Switchboards are an essential part of your home’s electrical system. Fuse box switchboards and ceramic fuses do not comply with today’s standards. Apart from non-compliance issues they can pose a fire risk and a hazard for electrical shock.

Alliance Climate Control licensed technicians are trained to immediately recognise your existing electrical protection and regardless of your current switchboard, we can usually upgrade your switchboard from any style fuse or circuit breaker to the latest style combination safety switch circuit breaker.

Our technicians can inspect and advise the cost to upgrade your switchboard to maximise your protection at a moment’s notice.

Call us to arrange a visit if you have:

  • A switchboard containing older style porcelain fuses or hard wired circuit breakers.
  • Experiencing burning sell, light flickering, hight electricity bills, power outage, electric shocks
  • Installed air conditioners.
  • Noticed any change caused by a motor or appliance operating.
  • Recently renovated your home where extra rooms and electrical load may have increased.
  • Installed swimming pool pumps or spa water pumps.

Your safety is our responsibility.


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