Helpful Tips


1. Always make sure the thermostat is set to right mode

  1. Heating – Set temperature between 23-25°c (Winter)
  2. Cooling – Set temperature between 22-24°c (Summer)
  3. Dry – This mode eliminates humidity while maintaining the indoor temperature within a practical range, (slow cooling mode).
  4. Fan – Fan only (no cooling or heating).
  5. Auto  – Regulates room temperature depending on thermostat setting and ambient temperature.

2. System reset when Air Conditioner not turning on/not cooling nor heating

  1. Locate the Air Conditioner circuit breaker at the main switchboard and turn off for 5 minutes then turn back on again.
    i. This will reset the system and any fault will be erased.
  2. Why might this happen?
    i. Due to power fluctuation in areas sometimes system electronics may cause malfunction.
    ii. During hot weather, with the thermostat set at very low temperature (e.g.17°), the compressor may overheat by running continually at high RPM. This may cause electronics malfunction and a loss of electrical supply.
  3. After resetting the circuit breaker at the main switchboard, refer back to helpful tip #1.

3. Keep doors closed

At all times keep doors closed while running air conditioning. This saves running energy, cools home faster and prevents condensation build up on the internal grille, from humid outside air being drawn in to home.

4. Check air filtration system every 6 weeks

  1. A blocked air filter reduces system performance significantly. Air cannot pass a blocked filter freely, resulting in poor performance.
  2. To clean the filter, wash it in cold water and leave to dry completely before putting it back in the unit.
  3. If the air filter cannot be cleaned, contact your Alliance service professional for the genuine replacement part.
  4. Blocked filters can also cause drain blockages and water leaks, causing unnecessary water damage to your home. A complete drain flush is recommended at every service event to make sure all dirt, grime and mould is removed and the drain is clear.
  5. A blocked filter will prevent airflow and in severe cases may cause the indoor fan motor to burnout due to increased load.

5. Regular Routine Service

  1. Regular service schedules for all air conditioning systems are recommended to keep them operating reliably for long periods of time.
  2. A regular service schedule, completed by an Alliance Climate Control service technician, can highlight any emerging issues and help prevent a mid-summer breakdown or need for repair.
  3. An Alliance Climate Control annual reminder or service alert can remind you to check the condition of your air conditioner, ready for the peak period of summer. If you would like to receive an annual reminder please contact Alliance Climate Control on (02) 8004 5980 for further information.
  4. Many homeowner insurance claims are related to water overflows, some from air conditioning systems. Most claims of this type can be avoided during inspections at regular scheduled services.
  5. Large capacity HVAC systems can produce 110 – 190 Liters of water per day. Clogged drains with dirt, grime and mould must be checked at every regular service, to make sure they remain clear.

6. Why it’s not a good idea to set the air conditioner’s thermostat on its lowest setting

  1. On a hot day, with the thermostat set to 17°, the compressor may overheat by running continuously and at a high RPM. Be cautious of this – it may mean your air conditioning system is overloaded; this may cause electronics malfunction and a loss of electrical supply.
  2. This may result in premature breakdown, along with higher electricity bills.
  3. For further information on compressor overheat refer to helpful tip #12.

7. Emergency shut down instruction

  1. If your air conditioner makes an unusual noise, turn off the unit immediately and switch off electrical power at the point of supply. Call Alliance Climate Control and request an urgent service technician appointment.
  2. If water begins to drip from the ceiling or wall, turn off the unit immediately and switch off electrical power at the point of supply. Call Alliance Climate Control and request an urgent service technician appointment.

8. Eco-clean coil every 2 year

  1. Over time the internal fan coil and blower wheels become partially impacted with dirt and grime. This can cause heat exchange failure, prevent the indoor fan coil from cooling itself with the movement of air, and increase the power requirements of the compressor. If the coil is blocked and air flow is reduced blower motor failure can occur, as reduced air flow causes high temperatures, the compressor will ultimately experience failure due to overheating.
  2. In the heat mode, a blocked fan coil may crack due to poor circulating air flow and eventually freeze over. This causes system overheating and results in premature component breakdown, usually at the
  3. Eco-cleaning will remove mould, grime, bacteria and fungi which in turn improves air quality, energy efficiency, and reduces power bill costs.

9. Right temperature

  1. Set your air conditioner at the highest temperature setting, at which you still feel cool enough; 24°C is usually adequate. Each increase of the thermostat setting will save about 10% on your energy usage.
  2. Remember ‘set point is the system cut out (system will cycle off and have a break when it reaches set temperature). Whether you have the system set at 24°C or 18°C, air coming off the coil is the same. When set on low temp. the air conditioning system will need to work hard and push more air flow to reach the set temperature; when set on 24° the system won’t have to work as hard, and will use less energy to reach that temperature.
  3. To achieve ultimate set point 24°C a 10°C temperature difference required; to achieve 24°C you need to reach 14°C off the coil. To achieve 14°C or cooler off the coil, the unit must circulate the room temperature until room temperate becomes 24°C.
    For example if room temperature starts at 35° it would have to be circulated and pushed out from the coil at approx 25°C, bringing room temperature to 30°C. The same process would have to be repeated until room temperature becomes 24°C, which indicates off coil air of 14°C. The correct temperature difference on correctly sized systems should be around 10°C. to 12°C.
    Refer to diagram:
  4. Homes are not completely sealed units like a refrigerator, this is the reason why it is hard to achieve an extremely low indoor temperature (17°C); cool air escapes and hot air enters. Keeping you home seal by closing all window, doors and blinds will help you reach a low comfortable temperature in extremely hot days.

10. Condenser coil and Fan coil

A blocked condenser coil is a danger to the liquid line

1. the liquid line needs to be cooled, if it’s hot due to a blocked coil, the liquid line will remain hot and the system will lose efficiency/performance.

2. the liquid line will push warm liquid into indoor fan coil and cycle back into the suction line which is detrimental to the outdoor compressor (suction line must be cooled).

3. the suction line will heat up and eventually this will result in compressor burning out.

Indoor coil blockage, dirty filtration and partially impacted blower wheels will prevent airflow distribution from coil; the outcome will be the coil icing up and condensation building up.

  1. this can destroy the valves in compressor and burn out the motor.

11. Power fluctuation

  1. A power surge or spike (power fluctuation) is a fast, short sudden increase in voltage and current that can cause damage to sensitive electronics. It typically happens when there is a short circuit or there is lightening/a thunderstorm. The system electronics will trip and cause the system to not operate accordingly.
  2. Did a thunderstorm take out the power in your home or business? If so, a lightning strike probably caused a power surge that tripped your A/C breaker.
    Even if it was just a seemingly random outage, not caused by a storm, there can still be an electrical surge when the power returns and that can also trip the breaker. That’s just the circuit breaker doing its job of protecting your equipment.
  3. Locate the A/C circuit breaker in the electrical box, and check to see if a breaker has tripped. If so, reset the breaker, turn off for 5mins and turn back on. If the unit won’t start up again, the system has sustained more damage and you’ll need to call in an air conditioning repair technician.

12. Compressor overload/system cut out

  1. During hot weather if your air conditioning unit is not cooling enough, despite the thermostat set at very low temperature set point (17°C), the compressor may overheat by running continually at high RPM. This could mean your air conditioning unit is overloaded, thus causing electronics malfunction and a loss of electrical supply.
  2. Air conditioning use has spiked significantly of late, due to the increase in warmer weather, largely relating to our ever-changing climate. However, to combat the heat, air conditioning units are operating continuously. This continual running of air conditioning has seen many systems overload, and has left them unable to cool when needed. Normally, the air conditioning unit running on overload often leads to problems with the capacitors. In order to combat this problem, it may be best to upgrade the capacitor.
  3. If your air conditioner cuts off due to overload (turns off), option one is to reset all function and let the system rest. A simple systems rest can fix majority of A/C electronic related problems.
    1. To reset, locate the air conditioner circuit breaker at the main switchboard and turn off for 5 minutes; then turn back on again, but leave the system off for 30min. After 30min turn back on, as this will reset the system and any fault will be erased.

13. AC is tripping the circuit breaker

If your air conditioner does start up again after you reset the breaker, but then trips again a short time later, you could have a more difficult problem on your hands.

Important: If the circuit breaker is tripping repeatedly, don’t turn it back on! The circuit breaker’s job is to protect your building, wiring, and equipment by shutting off the flow of electricity when the current flow gets too high. If it keeps tripping, you could risk a fire if you turn it back on.

If it is only the air conditioner that’s tripping the circuit breaker, it’s a sign that that the unit is overheating and drawing too much power. Overheating can easily lead to AC failure, and may be caused by any of the following underlying issues:

Electrical Components: Loose connections, a bad capacitor, or a short in the equipment’s wiring can be the culprit.

Refrigerant Leaks: Your unit’s refrigerant lines may have developed holes or cracks, causing a leak of refrigerant. When your air conditioner’s refrigerant charge is too low, it puts a strain on the system that causes it to work harder and leads to overheating and AC failure.

Fan Motor Issues: If the fan that helps remove heat from the condenser has failed or is not working properly, the system can overheat.

Evaporator Coil Freeze-up: When you have reduced air flow in your system, which can be caused by clogged air filters, blocked vents, or a faulty fan, the outside of the evaporator coil can become coated with ice. That makes the system run continuously without cooling, eventually causing overheating and AC failure. You can also end up with water leaks causing damage to your interior and furnishings.

Dirty condenser coil: When your outdoor unit’s condenser coil gets coated with dirt and debris, it can’t effectively release the heat that is removed from the air in your property. That can easily cause overheating, which if not addressed, often leads to the next item on the list: compressor failure.

Compressor failure: This is probably the worst case scenario. The compressor is the heart of the system, and when it fails it is very expensive to replace. You may find yourself shopping for a new air conditioner.

Poor Maintenance: Very often, all the issues mentioned above have one root cause: poor maintenance, or upkeep, of your air conditioning system. To avoid the above it is highly recommended that you maintain regular servicing, especially with the help of a trained technician. Technician visits should ideally be scheduled every 6 months to a year.


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Alliance Air Con From start to finish, I found them to be professional, with attention to the details. They were definitely friendly and committed to customer service. Importantly for me, ( the warranty and the service maintenance side ). Just knowing they will be around, if something unfortunately broke down, or needs to be maintain is what I was after.
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These guys are great. It's hard to come across a company that actually talk you through what they are going to do and give down to earth recommendations in-line with how you're talking and what you want. I would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Vanessa Meaker
23:50 06 Mar 19
To be honest I was happy just to find a supplier who would turn up!It was such a smooth experience it felt too good to be true. The admin staff were excellent at booking in the job and all the trades people onsite were courteous, on time, efficient (and surprisingly handsome lol!)I was so happy with the service I received, I signed up for the membership and now I have peace of mind that all my equipment will be well looked after by a great team.Thank you.
Senta Hoyne
10:07 27 Feb 19
I rang Alliance in December to book a service for our bedroom air conditioners which had stopped suddenly. They were able to fit me in immediately and a call was booked for the next day. Alex the service man came and efficiently assessed the situation and explained what needed replacing. He talked me through the process and cost. The office then ordered and liaised with me for the next appointment to repair. Alex returned today with Jamie where they efficiently replaced the motor of the system , checked the running and cleaned filters of other systems. Both serviceman were extremely polite and clean/tidy in their work practices. Another impressive feature to their service is they ring you 20 minutes before arriving, something a lot of tradesman could learn from! I highly recommend Alliance for their cost effective, friendly and highly efficient service.
Deborah Reynolds
23:19 07 Jan 19
Everything was very painless, installation was quick and the communication between both parties was great. Each process was well followed. We are now in the process of testing and seeing how our ducted system operates. The team that came to install the air conditioning system was also excellent, very friendly and willing to answer questions, they also arrived in a timely manner. The service was really good. I'm quite happy recommending this company to anyone looking to install any air conditioning unit into home or business. As for pricing you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind, they will evaluate your situation and wants, before processing a quote. Thank you very much, the system we have is excellent throughout the hot days!
Mick Lowland
08:42 07 Jan 19
The team at Alliance, especially Goran, were exceptionally professional and service-orientated. It took me almost 10 months to get approval to install air conditioning in my apartment and Alliance were extremely helpful in providing me the information I needed to support my Tribunal application and thereafter development application through City of Sydney. Every question I had was responded to promptly and I was more than excited to hand the job over to Alliance once the approvals were sought. The team installed the unit with no fuss, and were very detailed-orientated and made sure the apartment was left in the same condition it was when they arrived. Highly recommend Alliance. Great work ethic, knowledgeable and trustworthy. The service you receive from the office was also friendly and customer-focused. Thanks Goran and the team.
John Morabito
05:58 20 Dec 18
Fantastic service! Alliance was very competent and knowledgeable, great at communicating with the client, and did high quality work in a timely manner. Rare to find a contractor that is so honest, competent and organised. Can highly recommend for all air conditioning and heating needs.
David S
02:41 14 Dec 18
Had Alliance Climate Control install 2 spilt systems a few weeks ago. Very happy with the job and the service provided by Alliance. Communication was great, Alliance kept me informed of timings and progress and made the job hassle free. Very neat and tidy work done by the boys. Thanks Goran, Robbie, Shadie and Moe and all at Alliance. I would happily recommend Alliance Climate Control and would use them again.
paul blanch
04:12 01 Dec 18
Alliance Climate Control were great to deal with. A really thorough assessment ahead of a detailed quote. They weren't the cheapest but but I was impressed with their approach. Good communication around scheduling process. When the installation team arrived they made a useful suggestion about where to place the external units. The work was done efficiently and with minimum interruption to us. Good clean up at the end. And the units are great!! Effective and so quiet you just don't hear them. Highly recommend.
Kim Dalton
00:20 01 Nov 18
Alliance Climate Control have been a pleasure to deal with. All the staff are great and went above and beyond. As soon as an issue arose they came up with a quick and easy solution to have it fixed. Great to deal with and will recommend to all friends and family. I will also definitely use them again.
Jacki Stanojevic
21:03 25 Oct 18
Professional, punctual and polite. Quoted a reasonable price for high quality goods and services, delivered them exactly when they said they would with no hidden charges, and helped to coordinate auxiliary services (gyprocking) in an integrated, seamless bill.Highly recommended.
Andy L
05:40 10 Oct 18
Fantastic Job Boys !The Split system was installed on time and they did a fantastic job.The price was competitive and they came up with a very clever solution for the water drain.The best part of the job was no mess or marks left on wallsThanks very much Michael and your team.
Mark Williams
05:07 03 Oct 18
Alliance recently installed ducted air conditioning in our home. They did a great job from quotation to installation and were externally professional and easy to work with.I would have no hesitation in recommending them.Great job!!!
Tony Reeves
11:56 24 Sep 18
I had Alliance install a ducted air conditioning unit recently and found the guys to be very helpful and efficient. They didn't leave the job till everything was checked to my satisfaction. I would recommend Alliance to any one wanting to install AC into their home.
03:22 24 Sep 18
Cannot recommend Alliance Climate Control more highly, not only was their workmanship completed to the highest standard but the service we received from the beginning to the end from their staff was amazing!If you are looking for a professional service look no further!Thanks guys
Chris Williams
09:32 07 Sep 18
Could not be happier with the service provided by Alliance!! from the helpful staff at the office to the polite, punctual and tidy technicians that installed my air conditioning. They go above and beyond to provide a service well worth the money. To anyone looking to get climate control installed in there home be shore to check alliance out!
Phillip Rothstein
09:35 03 Sep 18
I cannot praise Alliance Climate Control highly enough . It is definitely one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time. I give it 5 stars for admin, professionalism , punctuality, helpfulness , neatness ... It was a pleasure to deal with them from start to finish. They even called me back on a Saturday afternoon when I could not operate the air conditioner (no fault of theirs) - they talked me through it and it worked within minutes . I would not hesitate to recommend them
Kelly Cranko
07:59 02 Sep 18
To my surprise, 5 staff members turned up to install 2 indoor and 2 outdoor units. They were very good in their work, communicated well and very neat & tidy. They kept me inform all the way and ask questions on the position of the units and drainage. The final presentation was very professional inside and out. Thank You
Des Chu
01:42 27 Aug 18
Can't speak highly enough of the Alliance team. I had delayed the air con install a number of times, due to strata approval muck around, and nothing was ever an issue, super responsive, helpful and then finally the job completion was a breeze, very polite, courteous tradesmen, entertained my young kids and the job was meticulous. Would highly recommend using these guys.
J Mac
23:33 20 Aug 18
Amazing work from the team. They understood what I needed and were there to help me 100%. They took out my old air con unit and placed new ones in all in one day. I would definitely recommend this team to others.
23:52 21 Jul 18
I called Alliance Climate Control for a service to my air conditioner.From the moment I spoke to the team to the completion of the work, the process was seamless and their service exceptional. Not only were they very professional and reliable, the work was managed in a timely manner and the technicians were very helpful and knowledgeable. Upon completion, I received a follow up phone from Kristian who went above and beyond in maintaining customer loyalty. I will definitely use Alliance Climate Control in the future and definitely recommend them.
03:55 09 Jul 18
Excellent installation by the fabulous team at Alliance. It started with Goran coming for an assessment and very competitive quote. Team came in and did a fantastic job and consulted me every step of the way as vent placement was tricky in a hertitage house. Very pleased with the outcome and an exceptionally tidy job. Now sitting here in a very warm house.Thank you!
Shane Kelly
08:07 03 Jul 18
My husband and I had selected three installers to visit our place for quotes, based on high reviews. Goran stood out from the other with his attention to detail, competitive pricing, ease of professionalism and lack of pushy salesmanship. His team did a great job installing our three units over two levels. They kept up a helpful level of communication with me throughout the installation, they were friendly, punctual, tidy, respectful to my place and belongings and were professional from start to finish. We are so impressed with the entire experience. We will have no hesitation in using their services again, and recommending them to our family and friends.
Joanne Currie
08:27 22 Jun 18
I simply chose Alliance Climate Control because of their positive reviews. After consultation with Goran I was please to proceed with a competitive quote, and from start to completion of the installation of the new split system along with a new switchboard upgrade with technician Jon who couldn't have been more helpful with his time and knowledge and along with the whole team of 5 were polite and cleaned up after a professional job well done. My whole experience with Alliance with the administration staff to technicians and Michael have been friendly very pleased and happy with the service received and the end result. Thank you.I would highly recommend Alliance Climate Control based on the service I received.
Peter W
07:04 05 Apr 18
We just had technician Jon out to look at our split system air conditioner. He couldn't have been more helpful and generous with his time and knowledge. I would highly recommend Alliance Climate Control based on the service we received from Jon.
Ciaran Cullen
22:29 25 Mar 18
Our whole experience with Alliance has been efficient, positive, and easy - quality in home advice, a competitive quote, quick response from the accounts department, transparent invoices and payment by installments. The installation turned out to be hard work for the technicians due to a double thickness gyprock roof but they kept on it until the job was done. They seemed to have plenty of experience and the right equipment for working on installations at height (the property is a townhouse), no problems with providing information to help us gain Strata approval, and during installation they were thoughtful and respectful of our neighbors. We are 100% happy. Penny and Lance - Harris Park
Penny McCracken
01:42 14 Mar 18
Highly recommend Michael and his team. We’ve had him install a whole house ducted system; 2 multi headed units in a 2 storey semi; and a single split system in a strata unit. Every job has been executed to perfection. Beginning with the initial consultation through to completion, we experienced professionalism and expediency. Clean, tidy, efficient installations; good choice of brands and placement of units. We’re really pleased.
Evelyn Platus
04:33 24 Feb 18
The service from Alliance was outstanding. After consultation with Alex, it was agreed that a new unit would need to be installed. The installation team encountered an unforeseen problem and this was resolved after positive action by management.The level of commitment by all members of the team was truly extraordinary. The installation was completed with competence and remarkable goodwill. I highly recommend Alliance and acknowledge the professionalism and courtesy of all those involved.
Jane Tregoning
22:53 19 Feb 18
We had technician Jon come in to service and do a minor repair on out A/C's today, 2/2/18.Jon was pleasant to deal with and did a good job. He was straight forward with our issues and our options to fix our A/C problems and completed his work in a timely and efficient manner. The quote for the service was also competitive.We highly recommended Alliance Climate Control and technician Jon for your A/C services and repairs.
Peter Jordan
22:55 01 Feb 18
The team from Alliance Climate Control were extremely professional, efficient and helpful. When other companies who inspected our aircon unit said we needed to spend $4,000 to replace, ACC looked further and found it was just a few parts that needed replaced. We are thrilled with this outcome and the great service!
Sharyn Bell-Langford
00:35 25 Jan 18
Goran met us at our apartment, gave us a very competitive quote and was available to take any questions while we made a decision. The installation team came on time and made sure we were happy with their plan before they started. It was a very smooth process. We would recommend to anyone.
Chris Paton
11:06 12 Dec 17
Very good. Punctual cleaned up. Polite. They only did it a couple of days ago and we haven't had to use it yet! They a also explained things clearly. Only issue was when it started to rain I had to ask one of them to put the roof tiles back. A very minor thing. I will recommend them to anyone I know.
Brian Doughan
22:59 06 Dec 17
I am more then happy to recommend Alliance Climate Control to all my friends. Michael was so helpful helping me to choose the right air conditioning system for my unit at very competitive rates. Nick the installer was on time, polite and very professional. And they left the unit very clean and tidy. Very very please with their services. Highly recommended them. And now my best friend is going to use their services in coming week for her unit too.Congratulation to you and your team. Thank you
b juspandi
07:09 31 Aug 17