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Air Conditioning

Smart Home Automation – Internet of Things​

Have you heard of the term ‘Internet Of Things’? Well, we are living in a time where early adopters like technology buffs have a house full of the earliest smart appliances since 2010. By 2015, the average Australian household had at least 9 connected devices. In 2018, it was 17, and by 2022 it’s expected to reach 37.

Most of us don’t even realise now how many devices are made ‘smart’ in our homes. Basically, any physical device that connects actively to your WIFI and often speaks to your smart phone. There are even smart switches that allows you to transform your ‘dumb’ appliance so you can turn that appliance on and off via your smart phone. Some smart devices can also connect with other smart devices to create an ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) connection.

For example, some households are now familiar with saying things like  “OK Google, turn on the air conditioner in the living room” or “Alexa, turn up the music” or “Hey Siri, switch off the light in my bedroom”  .

google home and air conditioning

Internet Of Things – Is a term coined in 1999 and refers to the numerous amount of physical devices in the world that are connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data across various platforms and physical devices.

Smart Home Automation Benefits

At the end of the day, anything to do with ‘automation’ is developed in order to bring more convenience, information, and security into our lives. 

Have you been in any of the following scenarios:

It’s a cold, rainy, winter afternoon, you’re walking home from the train station with your feet basically soaked – freezing! How amazing would it be if you had the power in your hand to schedule your central heating system to switch on just 5 minutes before you arrive at home?

You’re trying this new diet and trying to wake up early to hit the gym before work. But you just can’t quite make it out of your blanket. What if your alarm in the morning involved a raving bedside lamp and your speaker playing your favourite EDM?

You have a package getting delivered to your home today but you’re at work. What if you had a home security system that allowed you to see in real-time when the postman dropped your package. Maybe you could ask him through the doorbell system to hide it behind the shoe rack

Smart Home Automation & Air Conditioning


AirTouch 4 is a thermostat tablet that can also be installed as an APP on your phone to fully control your ducted air conditioning.

  • Installed on new or older model air conditioning, up to 10 years and more
  • Compatible with all brands, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic & more
  • Smart Assistant integration
  • Smartphone application + physical thermostat
  • Different zoning & temperature control up to 16 zones
  • IFTTT functionality
  • Programmable timer

For more information and all feature please download the full product brochure.

air touch

Daikin Airbase

Daikin Airbase is an application available on Google Play and the App Store that allows you to easily control your ducted system’s functions through your

  • Free to install on your smartphone
  • Multiple zone control
  • Filter cleaning reminder
  • Operation mode theming
  • Compatible with old Daikin ducted systems

For more information and all feature please download the full product brochure.

Sensibo - Split wall Aircon Wifi

Sensibo sky is a small device that can turn your split system or portable air conditioner into a smart device. It is a physical device paired with an APP to control your home’s cooling and heating.

  • Control you Split wall system from anywhere, anytime
  • Turn on/off – automatically when you leave your home
  • Inbuilt IFTTT ‘Climate react’ functionality E.g. If room temperature is 30 degrees, then set AC temperature to 24 degrees
  • Scheduling
  • Geofencing – when it senses your smartphone is close to home, the AC will automatically turn on
  • Smart Assistant integration

Whether you’re just starting off on your smart home automation journey or only have smart appliances in your home, speak to our air conditioning technicians about the latest air conditioning smart devices.

Our licensed air conditioning technicians have years of experience with all different types of systems and home layouts plus they keep up to date with the latest AC gadgets!

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