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Ceiling Fan installations

Many of our customers like to install a ceiling fan to work alongside their air conditioning and we think they are such smart cookies! Installing a ceiling fan can help circulate cool air from your air conditioning faster. This way, you’re saving on expensive repairs by not overworking your air conditioning system. Plus, you can turn off your AC and allow your ceiling fan to do the work of air circulation. Cha-ching! That’s money in your bank and not for your bills. 

This little hack works all year round – in the hotter and cooler seasons. Cool air is circulated in summer whereas in winter warm air from the ceiling is dispersed in the room.

Winter Ceiling Fan Tip

Ceiling fans on winter mode will rotate clockwise. This setting is best used on a low speed as the aim is not to create airflow, rather to gently push down the hottest air in the room that is above the fan (ie at the top of the ceiling, due to hot air rising). This is achieved by the fan sucking air below it up (the exact opposite of what it does in summer anti-clockwise mode), and consequently the air above getting pushed down. 

This will work in any space, and will be particularly useful in properties with high ceilings that normally lose a lot of hot air to the top of the room

Why Install Ceiling Fans


All-year-round comfort

Ceiling Fans can cool during summer and disperse warmer air from the ceiling in winter.



The AC and ceiling fan combo reduce the need for your AC to be on for long periods of time. That’s money in your pocket, and not in your bills!


Aesthetically Pleasing

Like many appliances, ceiling fans has also received an upgrade over the years. Good enough to become a centrepiece in many homes.


Safer option

Free-standing fans are clunky with wires; this can become a health risk to young children and pets.

How does a fan work in Winter?

In the winter, ceiling fans on the winter mode will rotate clockwise. The mode is usually used at a low speed in order to pull cool air up.

The clockwise rotation pushes the warm air that has naturally risen back down. Through this, you keep the hot air down instead of losing it up near the ceiling. This can be especially handy for those with very high ceilings.

How does a fan work in Winter? ​
So what are the Ceiling Fan benefits?

So what are the benefits?

By bringing the warm air down from ceiling level it means that you do not need to set your thermostat to be at such a high temperature to achieve a comfortable and warm environment. Ceiling fans are relatively inexpensive to run, especially when compared to power hungry heating solutions. By making better use of this hot air, you can keep your heater on lower settings, and therefore save on energy and consequently quite a few dollars! Fans only use minimal electricity to run on low speed, most around 15-20watts, which is the same as an energy saving light bulb!

If you’re looking to install a new ceiling, give us a call at  02 8061 5023 now for more information.

A Master Electrician will be able to do a home inspection to assess what the best model and placement would be in your home or business.

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