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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs

Goran Surbevski, Senior Installation HVAC Technician
With over 11 years of experience in all things HVAC, Goran is equipped with all the practical know-how and knowledge to provide you with a professional air conditioning solution to every home and business. Goran is active with training our technicians to make sure their techniques are safe and up to date with the latest technology. Like many of our team members, Goran leads a healthy lifestyle with regular swimming and walking. He also enjoys searching for his next vegan foodie cafe.

Is your Fujitsu air conditioning system not working, smell, leaking or simply won’t start?

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs Services are reliable and efficient to come to your business or home to repair your unit. Fujitsu is a trusted and efficient international air conditioning brand that is reliable for its outstanding high-quality air conditioning systems to ensure you enjoy a cool reprieve from hot, dry weather conditions at the heart of your home. As with any animal, a piece of equipment or human, prevention, and regular care is essential to ensure top-notch performance.

Air Conditioning and HVAC units do not last forever, for most of these units; their average lifespan is about 12 years. That means that during their lifetime, they are bound to show wear and eventually fail. Unfortunately, the moment your AC fails is usually the moment you need it most. Therefore, there will be a need for regular repairs and system maintenance. Most AC problems arise mostly due to the quality of service/installation and the lack of maintenance.

The good news is not every problem and malfunction in your AC unit leads to total havoc. Most of these problems are easy to fix and won’t dent your bank account while doing so. There are several problems that can occur with a central air conditioning service that Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs can attend to.

As a smart homeowner, recognising what these problems may be may shed some light what a technician is referring to when they discuss various remedies for the problem. If you are wondering what problems you should look out for with your AC, we have got you covered. Here is a list of the most common issues of Fujitsu Air Conditioning that may cause your Air Conditioner to break down.


Fujitsu air conditioning problems

  • Air conditioning not starting – possible culprit may be because the thermostat is not set correctly or the power is not reaching the AC unit mostly due to poor installation.
  • Air conditioner leaks or drips water – probably due to disconnection of a tube or a water blockage in the unit.
  • Air conditioner won’t turn off – may be caused by a blocked or dirty condenser unit or a dirty evaporator as well as sensor problems.
  • AC runs but does not cool – May be caused by a dirty or blocked condenser or the thermostat is not properly set; this mostly happens in split systems.
  • Air conditioner makes ominous noises – Rattling noise may be due to broken motors, misaligned fans, loose panels or debris.
  • Run cycles are too short or too long – wrong placement of the AC can wreak havoc on your comfort, may be too close to a hot oven.
  • Refrigerant leaks – Poor installation of a central air conditioner can lead to leaky pipe work reducing performance, and in some case causing complete failure.

Why you need to contact Fujitsu air conditioning repairs early

If you are facing any of the above problems, the easiest and most effective solution is to contact Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs services early. Trying to do the repairs yourself or prolonging the situation might lead to more costly repairs in the long run not to mention, the chaos of having a faulty air conditioning system on hot summer days.

Most of the Air Conditioning problems listed above can easily be reversed and fixed during maintenance visits. Hence, if you haven’t had your Fujitsu unit checked out in a while or fixed some notable issues, call a reputable Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repair Service immediately.


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