Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems


What is a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System?

A Multi-split system air conditioner is the most energy efficient way to bring the comfort of conditioned air to your family home, office complex or multi-level building.

The Multi-split system, comprising one compressor and condenser coil, housed in a robust cabinet positioned outside, can connect up to five indoor units individually set at different temperatures for varying comfort levels.

The compressor supplies sufficient refrigerant to each coil to achieve a maximum cooling rate at each indoor unit then automatically reduces refrigerant flow as the set temperature in each room is achieved then maintains it at that level.

The “heart” of the Multi-split system is the inverter type compressor. This type of compressor automatically regulates its workload according to the needs of each individual unit and the selected room temperature requiring a lower energy demand and less power consumption once the required temperature is reached and maintained.

Why is a Multi-Split Air Conditioning System better?

A Multi-split system air conditioner is much quieter and responds automatically to applied heat loads such as increased occupant numbers, influx of outside air through opening doors or changing solar characteristics as the sun changes direction.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • More consistent comfort levels for all occupants within a given living space.
  • Ability to independently vary comfort levels in different zones
  • The inverter type compressor, the critical component in the system, has a high COP (Co-efficient of Operating Performance) enabling maximum cooling until the set temperature in each room is reached, then automatically maintains that temperature thereby, reducing power demand.

Responds automatically to changing conditions, thereby producing a constant temperature range and a more consistent energy demand.

How can we help find the best MULTI-SPLIT Air Conditioning System for you?

The most suitable Multi-split system for your use depends on a number of factors including the building function, internal volume, number of doors and windows and the number of anticipated occupants.

We will visit your home, site or work with your architectural team to determine a system best suited to your individual needs. Whether that is for a family residence, or multi‑function building.

At Alliance Climate Control, we can bring together the best Multi-split products available from a wide range of options, able to satisfy any operating characteristic that might exist.

From timed operating sequences that activate the system before you arrive home or sleep functions to shut the system down after retiring each night. Even Wifi activated applications are available to control your Multi-split system with a Smart phone application whilst you are away from home.

We will also be there with you during the installation and commissioning process to make sure the selected unit will deliver the requirements ensuring you are absolutely satisfied before final acceptance.

We will also be there to support operation of your system to make sure it operates correctly day after day, year after year.

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