Suspended ceiling mounted Systems


What is a Suspended ceiling mounted System?

A suspended ceiling mounted system is a powerful, efficient way to deliver clean comfortable heated or cooled air to any living space in your office, retail complex or multi-use building.

The suspended ceiling mounted system, is one of the least obtrusive, yet most powerful and effective means to ensure the ongoing comfort of visitors, employees, workers or clientele.

The system comprises an outdoor unit with a powerful but highly efficient compressor and direct current electric motor. This combination minimises electricity cost and automatically smooths out temperature fluctuation and energy demand peaks. The outdoor unit also monitors low gas pressure with a warning indicated on the command console.

The indoor unit located adjacent and below the ceiling is housed in a stylish self-contained cabinet, providing alternating air flow in both horizontal and vertical planes. The unit provides a consistent level of comfort from start up, quickly achieving a steady room temperature with minimum expended energy.

Sensors monitor filter condition, illuminating a warning lamp on the command console to indicate a need for attention.

Other sensors monitor air flow speed, temperature and motion of occupants. A central command console enables regulation of comfort levels, start and stop times, even remote Wi-Fi signals.

The system incorporates many other features including:

  • Automatic switch over from cooling to heating or vice versa depending on the ambient temperature and selected temperatures at the command console.
  • Draft prevention in heating mode. This feature delays delivered air to the room allowing a pre-heat process to ensure comfort levels of occupants.
  • A “quiet” fan coil speed, to ensure the fan coil is dry and to minimise condensation when the system has shut down, reducing the opportunity for airborne dust particles to lodge on the fan coil.
  • A “quiet” fan operation mode also works on the outdoor unit during night time periods, reducing sound levels remarkably while still maintaining cooling operation as needed.

How can we help find the best Suspended ceiling mounted System for you?

A suspended ceiling mounted system is powerful, quiet and is automatically responsive to changing conditions or increased occupant numbers.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Able to operate in many applications where ceiling height is greater than normal.
  • Highly efficient inverter compressor and direct current electric motor provide consistent cooling maintained in close proximity to the set temperature range resulting in lower running costs.
  • Stylish indoor unit body, manufactured from oil resistant materials minimises staining from cooking vapors or cigarette smoke.
  • Ability to independently vary comfort levels on multiple units.
  • Maintains the temperature range close to the settings selected producing a more consistent energy demand.

How can we help find the best Ducted Air Conditioning system for you?

The most suitable suspended ceiling mounted system for your use depends on a number of factors including the building function, internal volume, number of openings and anticipated occupants. We, at Alliance Climate Control can design a system to meet your needs, bringing together the best suspended ceiling mounted products available.

We will visit your site or work with your architectural team to determine the best outdoor and indoor units to suit your installation, whether it be an office, retail centre or multi-use building.

We will also be there with you during the installation and commissioning process to make sure the selected unit will deliver the requirements ensuring you are absolutely satisfied before sign-off.

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