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Brivis Gas Heating

Choose Brivis for a powerful ducted gas heating system


Winter in Sydney is just a few months away. This means that now’s the perfect time for you to decide if you need a (new) heater for your home.

As a homeowner, your priorities when it comes to a heating system are probably efficiency, performance, and affordability. Choosing a brand that is trusted and is an established market leader can be useful, here.

Compared to investing in a flimsy or cheap unit, investing in a brand like Brivis helps you enjoy all the benefits of a powerful heating system. The price you pay at the start, pay itself over and over for years to come.

Why choose a Brivis ducted gas heating system?

It is efficient

Brivis’ ducted gas heating systems come with many features that support superior temperature control and greater efficiency.

The Brivis controller monitors the temperature of the steady supply of air continuously and ensures a consistent temperature throughout your home. This way, the Brivis SP range is manufactured to use less gas to heat your home.

It also allows you to set different temperatures (or turn off zones) in four different areas in your home, helping you save plenty of money and gas.

These models come with a feature where the heater modulates the gas for greater resource efficiency as your home gets warmer. There’s also a setting in which the heater switches off once your home reaches the desired temperature.

A market leader

Brivis has been the market leader in designing and manufacturing climate systems for homes in Australia for more than 50 years. Each manufactured system is made according to the ISO 9002 standard and is designed to withstand extreme weather changes in Australia.

The company guarantees up to 10 years of efficiency and provides a performance warranty when it comes to their heating systems. Their after-sale services and customer care are also provided to ensure peace of mind if you need any support with their systems.

Brivis heating solutions also come with zoning, cleaning, and modulating technology that allows you to maintain the indoor temperature at an optimum level.


Better energy management

The Brivis StarPro range is manufactured to be compatible with ZonePlus™ – the zoning solution that allows you to have up to four individual zones with individual time and temperature settings. This gives you greater control over each area of your home, eliminating the need for a master controller.

Given that you can control the temperature in each zone, you don’t have to set your system too high or too low to be comfortable. You’re free to set the right temperature in each room without racking up hefty heating costs.

You can also get comfortable quicker as you have different temperature zones in your home. You don’t need to run back and forth between the master controller and the room you are in, allowing you to enjoy both comfort and convenience.

Brivis combines heating with cooling in their DualComfort range

If you want to save money, one option you can explore is installing the Brivis DualComfort range, which provides a combination of ducted gas heating and refrigerative cooling.

The DualComfort range gives you the flexibility to integrate a cooling system to your ducted gas heater from the StarPro series. You can use the same ductwork and outlets for both heating and cooling, providing a complete climate control solution for your home, saving your money, energy and time.

Choose Brivis for a home heating and cooling system that keeps you comfortable

Alliance Climate Control are proud partners of Brivis, which brings together experts in central heating and cooling systems. When you reach out to us for the installation of a ducted gas heating system, we give you access to a range of Brivis products.

Call us on (02) 8061 5023 to schedule your appointment and to discuss the specifics of installing a complete heating solution in your home.


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