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Air Conditioning Ductwork Disinfection & Sanitisation

Ductwork Disinfection & Sanitisation

Introducing: 30 Day Duct Disinfection


Introducing our brand-new service: Ductwork Disinfection & Sanitisation ✨ A ground-breaking offering no other company has done before. Now, your air conditioning ductwork can be disinfected from bacteria and protected from future bacteria recolonisation.

Generally, air conditioning companies do offer cleaning services for ductwork but this is merely a surface clean of dust. Here at Alliance, we are offering a never before seen service of disinfecting bacteria entirely. Why is this needed? So, you and your family are not consistently breathing in contaminated air! 🤢

An Alliance Ductwork Disinfection will make sure to:

  • Disinfect the internal layer of ductwork
  • Eliminate any bacteria and viruses within the ductwork
  • Create a guaranteed 30 day residual protective layer (Tested to be active for up to 6 months!)
  • Travel through the ductwork to kill any bacteria and viruses for over 30 days
  • Leave behind an invisible film to prevent any future bacteria recolonisation


What do we use?

Aeris Active – Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner

This cleaner helps long-term microbial control with its patented technology. The film does
not impact how the surface is used, leaving the treated surface cleaner and safer for a longer period of time.

  • Australian Certified for virus elimination
  • 3-in-1 virus, bacteria and mould treatment
  • Kills germs, protects, removes stains, broad spectrum bactericidal & viricidal
  • Kills and removes mould & mildew
  • Removes discolouration caused by mould and remnants of dead organisms
  • Protection from recolonization on the surface by leaving behind an invisible film

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If you are looking for ways to improve your indoor air quality the answer is simple, contact us. Let our team of experts inspect your home and ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is free from mould, viruses, dust mites, radon, allergens, and other harmful substances. We will evaluate the condition of your system and provide you with a tailored service based on its requirements.

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