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Will you make a mess? Will you clean up?

We’re going to be honest about this: we do make a mess! But we not only have the right materials to protect your furniture but we also have plenty of cleaning materials to clean up any mess we have made.

The clean up is part of every installation, service, or repair and we will always make sure to leave your home the way it was when we first stepped through your doors.

What happens when we come out on site, how long does it take, do I have to be around, can I be around, what do you need from me?

After you have approved your initial quote from us. A date best suited to you will be scheduled to install your brand new air conditioner!

When our team arrive at the site, the supervisor will go through every detail of the quote you were given by our sales team.

Our team will begin by ‘location confirmation’ which means, making sure that you are happy with outlet locations, return air location, outdoor location, control location etc.

Once this is confirmed we will begin installation. The entire process, depending on the type of installation could take anywhere between 1-2 days.

During this time it is recommended that you are at the premises for any questions you may have during the process. You are not required to do anything during the installation, only to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have.

Is there an after-care service?

We do have an after-care maintenance agreement which comes in three and five years where your air conditioning’s recommended yearly maintenance is sorted.

This annual service will make sure that the effective functioning of your system is maintained.

Plus, when you sign up for the maintenance program you will also be entitled to an extended warranty on the installation.

What type of air conditioning system is right for my home?

There are several factors to figure out what the best air conditioning system is most suitable for your home.

These includes:

  • Your budget
  • Functionality of the AC
  • Any allergies/respiratory concerns
  • The amount of rooms
  • The size of the rooms


Our air conditioning technician can provide you with a complimentary, obligation-free quote to identify the best air conditioning for your home or business. This includes a heat load calculation, space inspection, and efficiency study.

Why does installation matter?

Installing an air conditioner is not a step you can overlook and hire a random, unlicensed “”technician”” from Gumtree to install your AC you bought on sale at Good Guys.

An incorrectly installed system could void your manufacturers warranty. Plus, it can massively reduce the lifespan of the system, along with the efficiency and performance. How? An incorrectly installed AC may need to work harder than it should which means higher energy bills and straining the different mechanical components in the AC. Over time, wear and tear is greater risking potentially costly repairs.

What is the best air conditioning system on the market?

The best air conditioner in the market is entirely based on your preference and your home’s requirement.

What size do you need?

How much will it cost to run?

What is the initial installation costs?

Our technicians know and understand air conditioning systems from a large variety of brands. We are authorised dealers of many leading air conditioning brands such as Daikin, ActronAir, Fujitsu, Brivis, Mitsubishi and more. This means that our technicians are qualified to assess, plan and install the most suitable air conditioning solution for you in your home or business. Plus, we also receive exclusive deals and competitions directly from each brand on all their air conditioning systems.

Most importantly, we receive regular and specialised training to make sure our installations are picture-perfect and industry leading.

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