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What happens when we come out on site, how long does it take, do I have to be around, can I be around, what do you need from me?

A service/maintenance/tune-up from Alliance Climate Control follows a 19 point checklist. This is a full inspection on all parts of the air conditioning system – indoor, outdoor, and everything in between. This can take anywhere between 45 minutes to and 90 mins each depending on the size and location of the units.

After the initial checks are done on the system, our technician will ask for your approval and proceed to service the units without any assistance from you.

However, we believe education is important and all of our technicians are happy to explain the process as they work through the service. Should you have any questions regarding the system and what we are working on, we are always happy to answer them.

Is there an after-care service?

We do have an after-care maintenance agreement which comes in three and five years where your air conditioning’s recommended yearly maintenance is sorted.

This annual service will make sure that the effective functioning of your system is maintained.

Plus, when you sign up for the maintenance program you will also be entitled to an extended warranty on the installation.

What is the life expectancy of an AC unit?

Depending on the typical usage and maintenance quality and frequency:

A typical ducted air conditioner should last you around 15-20years before needing a replacement.

A typical split system air conditioner should last you around 10-15 years.

A HVAC professional will be able to advise you on replacement options.

What maintenance is required from me for my new air conditioner?

Air conditioning manufacturers recommends a regular filter clean and scheduling a yearly maintenance for a HVAC professional to service the entire air conditioning. See our DIY Maintenace Guide for more information.

How often should I clean the filters in my air conditioner? How do I clean the air filters?

The frequency and type of cleaning will depend entirely on what type of system you are using whether it is ducted or split.

For a ducted system – the return air grille, which is normally located in a hallway has a bolt that unscrews. The return air grille is on hinges which will swing down, the filter inside will need to be pulled out, hosed with water the opposite way that the dust gets trapped to ensure all dust is cleaned from the filter. The recommended cleaning frequency for this is every 1-2 months depending on the use of the system.

For a split system there are two tabs on either side of the face of the unit. Gently lift these tabs up, the face of the unit will stand up, pull the filters out. Hose the filters in the opposite direction of trapped dust. This will need to be done every 1-2 months depending on how often the system is used.

For both systems, make sure the filter is dry before placing the filter back into the system.

Depending on the type and grade of your filter, consider a replacement every 3 months. These filters are not meant to last forever, especially when your AC is used on a daily basis.

"There's no tune up need, it's not a car"? All it needs is the filters cleaned every so often, that's it.

We hear this at least once a day. An electrical and mechanical device needs regular maintenance/service/tune-up to make sure that it can continue to work efficiently.

Air conditioning manufacturers recommend regularly cleaning your filter and having your AC maintained by a qualified air conditioning technician on a yearly basis.

Like a car, an AC has many working and moving components that experiences wear and tear. Over time, bacteria, slime, dirt, dust and other pollutants even black mould will grow within your air conditioning. Unfortunately, black mould is very common, highly toxic and thrive in an unmaintained air conditioning systems.

Regular maintenance, service, tune-up will make sure that your air conditioning is functioning efficiently and not overworking which means reducing your energy bills. Most importantly, a regularly maintained air conditioning will mean cleaner and fresher air within your home”

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