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How Effective Is Your Home Air Conditioning Filter

You already know that your Air conditioning Air Filter is responsible for the quality of the air you breathe. But did you know that not all Air Filters are created equal?

A low-quality Air Filter can cause contamination in your Air-Conditioning Unit, causing pollen, dirt and mould to fill your lungs every time you breathe. These contaminants and particles are often too small for the eye to see, but you can certainly feel the effects.

A good-quality Air Filter can make or break your health, as well as your budget!


How Does a Low-Quality Filter Affect Your Health and your Wallet?

  • Blue-numbers1 HARMFUL

    Harmful bacteria and contaminants pollute your air every time your turn your Air Conditioner on

  • Blue-numbers2 UNIT STRAIN

    Contaminants cause a frozen coil, which results in a huge amount of strain on your unit

  • Blue-numbers3 HEALTH

    Poor air quality and pollutants cause asthma, allergies and poor health

  • Blue-numbers4 COST

    A high load on your system cause unnecessary repair costs and soaring electricity bills

  • Blue-numbers5 OVERFLOW

    Dirt and grime block the drain tray and create an over-flow, which can destroy your Air Conditioner

Breathe new life into your home!

So, what makes our IAQ Cleanflo so special? To put it simply, the IAQ Cleanflo system uses your Air Conditioning Unit to provide you with fully filtered air that is safe, healthy and free of particles. Whether it’s dust inside of your home, or pollen from outside, the Cleanflow system will filter it and remove it from the air you breathe.

With a sturdy construction, the IAQ Cleanflo system used (MERV 13) rated filter which have a longer life than your average filter, lasting up to three months of constant use. The IAQFlo system is designed to be installed in combination with new or existing air conditioning or heating ducted systems.

The unique feature of the IAQ Cleanflo system is it has a very high filtration efficiency ( 80%). In fact, the closest residential thing to HEPA-filtration without the very high and detrimental airflow resistance associated with normal HEPA-filter installations in ventilation ducts.

How the IAQ CleanFlo can Revolutionise your home and Air conditioning
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About the Best Home
Filter MERV-13

MERV is an acronym that stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It provides a scale that shows the effectiveness of filters at removing particles of different sizes. The higher the number, the more particles the filter catches!

The MERV13 catches up to 90% of particles in the range of 1-3 µm (which are really, really small!).

The MERV-13 is designed to keep your air fresh, your home safe, and your lungs clean and healthy. If you suffer from allergies, or you are concerned about pollution and viruses getting into your home, then the MERV-13 is a fantastic option for your Air Conditioning unit.

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Benefits of Good Home Air Filters

A good quality air filter can make all of the difference in the air-quality of your home and the environment that you live in. Your health, wellbeing and quality of life are all impacted by the air that you breathe.

Filter with a low MERV rating don’t catch contaminants that are on a smaller scale. For example, a MERV-8 won’t catch smog, smoke, virus carriers or cooking oil and kitchen pollutants.

Not only that, but the MERV-13 comes in a range of sizes to fit your unit properly.

  • Numbers1 Indoor air quality improvement
  • Numbers2 Reduction of dust in your home
  • Numbers3 HVAC system protection
Compare for Yourself
  • Numbers1 Only filter guaranteed to filter out particles smaller than one micron (viruses carries, bacteria and microscopic allergens, dust mites, and other harmful contaminants)
  • Numbers2 Picks up 90% of air born particles
  • Numbers3 Purifies your air keep your environment healthy and free of Asthmatic triggers
  • Numbers4 Reduced noise level and significantly lower electrical costs- all year round
  • Numbers5 99% Pollen Removal
  • Numbers6 Keeps your coil clean (that means 100% Heat Transfer Years to come)
Special FeaturesStandard FilterMERV 13
Captures over 90% of bacteriacircle table
Captures over 90% of pet allergenscircle table
Captures over 90% of mold sporescircle table
Captures over 95% of dust and pollencircle tablecircle table
Filters 100% of central air (no bypass)circle table
Ultra-low air restrictioncircle table
Uses no electricitycircle tablecircle table
Absolutely silentcircle tablecircle table
Can the MERV-13 really stop dilated viruses and bacteria carriers?

Yes, absolutely. One of the main draws for the MERV-13 is its ability to catch the smallest particles and stop them from circulating in your home. Whether you’re worried about bacteria, viruses or bacteria carriers, the MERV-13 will stop them all. Not to mention it also does a fantastic job on all of the usual contaminants, like pollen and dust.

Protect your home from:

  • Numbers1 Microscopic Allergens
  • Numbers2 Virus Carriers
  • Numbers3 Bacteria
  • Numbers4 Pet Dander
  • Numbers5 Dust
  • Numbers6 Pollen
  • Numbers7 Smog
  • Numbers8 Car Fumes
  • Numbers9 Smoke
  • Numbers10 Debris
  • Numbers11 Mold Spores

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