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Maintenance Tune-Up

Maintenance is a process of preserving the condition of the equipment. An air conditioning maintenance is not just a filter clean. It is a full system health test and maintenance covering the indoor unit, outdoor unit and interconnecting services. It involves functional checks, cleaning, adjustments, repairing or recommending replacing of necessary parts on the system. We test and record all the data on a health report sheet for future reference.

We are looking out for anything that can potentially be prevented before it turns in to a big issue. The idea is to get your system running as efficiently and clean as possible to save you money on running costs and improve the hygiene in your home.

Air Conditioning Rejuvenation Eco Clean

Add an Eco Clean to your Maintenance to Rejuvenate your system and bring it back to life.

Benefits include:

Maintenance Protection Services

Improve your air quality in your home, and protect your air conditioning

Indoor Coil Treatment

Add an annual Antimicrobial treatment to your Maintenance to keep your indoor Air quality cleaner and fresher for longer.

The thin coating protects agains Biofilm, stops slime, mould and bacterial colonization on the coil— improved heat exchanger efficiently by reducing blockages and improved indoor air quality.

Filter Protect Treatment

Add filter Antimicrobial protection and extended the life of your filter.

When sprayed onto filter it helps stop colonisation on the fibres and extend the use-life of the filter. Keeps filter clean longer, improves indoor air quality and reduces energy consumption.

Condensation Pan Tablet

Prevent unwanted call outs for water leaks from your air conditioner.

Slow-release enzyme will provide 12 months Biofilm protection to prevent slime, mould and bacteria growing and blocking the condensation line. It reduces the maintenance and cleaning process, prevents unwanted odors and improves indoor air quality.

Condenser Coil Corrosion Protection

Extend the life of your outdoor unit.

The high resistant coating developed specifically to protect HVAC coils from corrosion. Long term corrosion protection, rescued efficiency loss due to galvanisation corrosion. It extends the life of already corroded damaged coils.

Multi-Enzyme Coil Cleaner

It is non-toxic, non-irritating, odourless, pH neutral, biodegradable and emits no hazardous odours or fumes so no masks or ventilators are needed.

The chemical compound effectively destroys heavy organic contaminants such as mould, dirt, the process also removes existing bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants.

Aeries Active

3-in-1 virus, bacteria and mould treatment. It is applied to surfaces for effective cleaning that will leave surfaces hygienically safe and protected. It cleans by killing and removing, germs, broad-spectrum bactericidal, viricidal and mould.

Leaves behind an invisible film providing residual protection from recolonisation on the surface.

Fogging/Misting Disinfecting & Sanitising

We use a unique broad-spectrum disinfectant-misting process that will reach all surfaces and those corners that are harder to reach. You may have heard of this being used by pest controllers. The same technique can also be paired with chemical disinfectants to sanitise.

Ductwork Disinfection Antibacterial Clean

Ductwork disinfection service offers treatment, 3-in-1 virus, bacteria and mould treatment. Disinfecting and sanitising, leaving ducted air conditioning duct work clean from mould, viruses, reducing bad duct odour. Leaves a protective antibacterial coating, TGA approved product.

Applied to through pressured applicator using a fogging machine, designed to disperse the disinfectant in fine particles that will travel through each duct and settle onto all surfaces.