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How One Investment In Comfort Over Winter Can Save You $4,135 Over 5 Years – And Improve The Value Of Your Home

Could this be the most efficient
heating system In Australia?

Why Gas Heating Is Unrivalled For The Aussie Winter

Did you know that energy use increases by up to 20% during the winter months, a financial burden Aussies might forget to factor into their expenses?

When it comes to selecting the best heating system, you’ll want to find something that provides maximum comfort in the home, but also doesn’t leave you with empty pockets at the end of the season.

Unlike cheap electric heating systems that suck up power, or reverse-cycle heaters that have higher installation costs, ducted gas heating is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective option for heating a medium to large home, or commercial building.



Installation costs


Running costs


GHG emissions



Installation costs


Running costs


GHG emissions

Reverse Cycle


Installation costs


Running costs


GHG emissions

One Of A Few Reasons Why This Heating System Is Installed In More Australian Homes Than Any Other Brand​

As an authorized Brivis dealer, you can expect the highest efficiency ducted gas heaters from Alliance, tailor-made for Australia’s harsh climate.


Save 30% Off Your Next Energy Bill – And Every One After That

With a 6 Star Gas Energy Rating, Brivis leaves Aussies an average of $567 richer, instead of padding the pockets of their energy providers.


A Heating System That Loves The Planet

Brivis uses natural gas, which is kinder to the environment than other energy sources like coal and oil. In fact, it produces up to 75% fewer greenhouse gases than electricity.



Reduce your energy costs by switching off unused zones. Set the temperature for the whole house, or down to a single room.

Discrete And Improves Value Of Home

Invisible in the ceiling or floor, Duct Gas Heating won’t disturb the interiors of the room.



Combine your heating with a Brivis ICE refrigeration system, using the same ducts

Receive $1,300 Cash-back Instantly!

Our partnership with Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturers means you’ll get access to the most lucrative deals that no one else can. Whether you’re looking to install a brand new gas heating system or replace an old one, get $1,300 Cashback until 31 July.


Comfortable And Allergy Aware

Gas heating reaches your desired temperatures more quickly than electric systems. You don't need to move as much air with gas heaters, and unlike reverse-cycle systems, they don’t remove moisture in the air, which can be better if you suffer from asthma and dust allergies.



Reduce your energy costs by switching off unused zones. Set the temperature for the whole house, or down to a single room.


To Last

For over 50 years Brivis has been heating and cooling Australian homes. Unmatched for reliability, some of their first heaters are still working today.



Gas heating reaches your desired temperatures more quickly than electric systems.

We Partner With Australia's #1 Heating Systems


And Most Importantly…
We Don’t Use Contractors

Many things can easily go wrong, with dodgy installers cutting corners or installing systems incorrectly, shortening heating systems’ life span by years. That’s why it’s essential to find a good, reputable installer.

At Alliance Climate Control, our technicians are the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. With all the necessary qualifications to complete the job, we take a step further and provide continuous In-House Training, keeping our staff up to date with the constant advancements and market developments in HVAC. That means that you get the most knowledgeable experts in the business!

Here’s Just A Few Reasons Why You Should Let Alliance Climate Control
Help YOU Install Your Next Heater…

Picture Perfect Installation,
Because Installation Matters

Over 15 Years

Helped Over 10,000
Amazing Customers

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Central Coast & Canberra

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Alliance Climate Control’s Unbelievable
Quadruple Guarantee!

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we know you might have some doubts about whether you can get the professional service you deserve. You might have been burnt before – or know someone who has. That’s why we offer four simple, but incredible Guarantees you won’t find anywhere else… so you can rest easy, knowing your installation is in good hands.

Life Time Warranty*

With a Maintenance Agreement Plan your new asset is protected for a total of 5 years on all workmanship.

Maintenance Tune-Up will ensure your system is kept in pristine condition year after year!

100% Satisfaction Gurantee

We offer a 100% service satisfaction guarantee on all work performed.

If you feel that the service was not provided to your full satisfaction, within 12 months to date of the original visit, we encourage you to call us so we can make things right!

No Hidden Surprises

We provide a written, guaranteed investment cost for your repair(s) or installation(s) before performing any work.

If any additional materials, parts or labour are required to complete the work, there won’t be any additional costs to you, unless otherwise stated on the invoice and authorised by you. Also, we will never leave your job for another project without finishing your repair or installation first.

Ultimate Protection

The bottom line is that we will protect your home. If we dirty it, break it or damage it, we’ll make it right. Our company is fully licensed, insured and we pay workers compensation for your protection.

Is it important to you knowing that, if something happens during the course of the job that damages your property or a worker gets injured, that our company will take care of it for you and shield you from any liability?

540+ Customers Have Rated Us 4.9/5 On Google Reviews

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