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The Importance of Home Safety Checks

When was the last time you had a Home Safety Check performed by professional Master Electricians?

Quite often, homeowners don’t think about power and electricity until something goes wrong. And quite sadly, when something goes wrong, these mishaps can range from minor electric shocks, to power outage or more severe cases where you house may become engulfed in flames within minutes – putting your families lives at risk. 

In Australia, more than 300 electrical fires (per state) occur each year and are commonly caused by old wiring that is unable to cope with the demands of modern electrical systems

The statistics are scary. Protect your family home and be on the right side of safety with an Alliance Home Safety Check Report. Our Master Electricians perform a comprehensive safety check, pinpointing worn-out wiring, malfunctioning electrical equipment as well as damaged or incorrectly installed wiring.

It is imperative these faults are found and rectified as they can lead to extreme consequences shall they be left in incorrect functionality. A routine Home Safety Check by a qualified Master Electrician at Alliance Climate Control can prevent these hazardous scenarios from coming to life. This is a crucial inspection, especially for an older building.

When do I need a
Home Safety Check?

Do you fall into any of the below categories?

  • Have you never had a comprehensive Home Safety Check done before?
  • Was your last electrical inspection conducted over 5 years ago?
  • Are you buying or selling a property?
  • Is your household more than 20 years old?
  • Are there any electrical concerns within your home?

If so, it is time for an Electrical Home Safety Check Report.

What happens during a Home Safety Check?

Our licensed Master Electrician will conduct the inspection with a 10-Point Checklist:


Visual inspections of electrical wiring, switches and power points


Detailed testing of
circuits and power points


Thorough testing of the
switchboard and safety switches


Testing and tagging
any appliances if necessary

Our licensed Master Electrician will conduct the 

inspection with a 10-Point Checklist:

  • Numbers1 Exposed live parts: Exposed live electrical parts are a very serious threat to your safety and should be corrected immediately.
  • Numbers2 Vermin activity – Vermin can pose a big fire risk. The Master Electrician can advise you on how to safely remove any nest and seal access areas to stop further infestations.
  • Numbers3 Asbestos – Asbestos is a huge threat to you and your family. Leave this to the professional, do not disturb it. Advice on replacement and disposal of the hazardous waste will be provided.:
  • Numbers4 Main earth – The main earth protects you from electric shock in certain scenarios. If it is missing or faulty, it must be resolved urgently.
  • Numbers5 Rewireable fuses – These are now illegal as they have been linked to fire incidents. They need to be replaced with a combined circuit breaker and a safety switch
  • Numbers6 Safety switches – power outlets Safety switches are mandatory to make sure that in the event of an electric shock, a working safety switch cuts the power guarding against serious injury or death.
  • Numbers7 Safety switches – lights Again, safety switches are mandatory also on all lighting circuits.
  • Numbers8 Safety switches – other circuits Guess what, safety switches! They are crucial and mandatory – consider having them installed throughout your home.
  • Numbers9 Recalled cable products – Over the years, there have been many recalls on product cables. The Master Electrician can discuss whether you may be at risk
  • Numbers10 Switchboard – Over time, the switchboard can be corroded on loose hinges and door catches. This can cause potential electric shocks and present a fire risk. The Master Electrician will be able to advise you on the steps needed to make your switchboard operate safely.
old switchboard
old switchboard 3
old switchboard 2
new safety switches switchboard

Our Master Electrician will conduct a 10-point checklist, provide a full written report and recommend any urgent or future electrical needs to safeguard your family home from harm.

Be proactive, learn about any potential electrical risks and protect your family home.

Call (02) 8061 5023 now to find out if you qualify for our FREE Home Safety Check Report to make sure that your home is safe from electrical hazards.

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Electrical Safety Compliance
Switchboard Inspections and Safety Switch Testing

Did you know the inspection of main switchboards and frequent testing of communal safety switches is paramount to your home’s safety? Quite often, we find in Strata managed buildings, these are overlooked and forgotten.

Lack of inspection and testing isn’t only a breach of building safety compliance, it can also contribute to major safety hazards that can be avoided if inspected and rectified by a Master Electrician.

With constant upgrades and advancements in the world of electricity, many older buildings are more than likely not up to date with the current Australian Electrical Safety standards.  This is due to infrequent Home Safety Checks, therefore missed important upgrades to the electrical components and systems, posing potential household hazards.

Australian Standard (AS 3019 -2007) refers to the periodic verification for electrical services within common areas to be completed. It a strong safety recommendation that all Body Corporates complete switchboard inspections every 2 years as a minimum as it a critical piece of infrastructure for the supply of power to the building.


For buildings with multiple properties, for example, units, safety switches for the communal lights can be found inside the main switchboard. Also located inside here should be safety switches for individual properties.

It is imperative that these safety switches are tested by a licensed Master Electrician to ensure they are tripping within the required time of 300 milliseconds – cutting power to any faulty source and safeguarding you from injury. If a safety switch does not trip within the required time, it is deemed faulty and should be replaced immediately.

Master Electricians are licensed to test Safety Switches in accordance with AS/NZ 3760:2010. This specifies that inspection and testing must be completed every six months (push button) and 2 years (operating time test).

To avoid the risk of non-compliance that could lead to electrical safety hazards, which commonly cause electrical fires and shock, check your inspection records for currency.

If you find these are out of date, get in touch with one of our Alliance Master Electrician’s to bring the safety of your building back up to the required safety standard and protect your family from potential harm.

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