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Here at Alliance Climate Control, we have over 15 years of experience in providing air conditioning services to the Hills District. Not only is Alliance CC a family owned and operated business, but our team of locally-based technicians are certified to the highest HVAC standards.

With all these years of experience, our service to the Hills District has always been done with a full understanding of the local area. This knowledge allows us to provide you with the quality products that you need, as well as great service throughout the entire process.

Alliance Climate Control services residential and commercial properties alike, covering all of your possible air conditioning needs. We will help you find the perfect heating and cooling solution for your space, whether that is something to save you money on energy bills, or an air conditioner that cleans out air pollution. We have them all ready for you.

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Which Type of Air Conditioning Unit is Best for the Hills District?

When it comes to any air conditioning unit, there is no singular model that is best for any space. For example, certain air conditioning units will be better for a commercial space, rather than a residential one.

If you are looking for Hills District air conditioning, you can determine which kind of air conditioning services are right for you by asking yourself these clarifying questions.

The Hills District is known for its rainfall, even during the hot summer months. With temperatures reaching as high as 45°C on record, the Hills District has both humidity and heat alike in abundance. However, the winter time is still crisp, with July and August often having winds reaching 100km/h. Heating and cooling is necessary from an air conditioning unit, but an evaporative cooler may also be highly beneficial in the muggy summer.

The size and area of the building you are intending to cool will help narrow down what kind of air conditioning service you need. If it is a larger space with multiple rooms to cool, a multi-split system air conditioner would be well-suited. Ducted air conditioning can also help you achieve the most control over the temperature of your home or office.
In terms of design, aspects like the insulation already available in your space can affect what air conditioning system you will need. Flooring should also be considered, as materials like tiles will be harder to heat, making systems with warm air vital.

If you are conscious about how much energy your air conditioning unit will take to run, you can always check the energy efficiency ratings on the available products.

Sometimes air conditioning units are noisy while running, which can be distracting to many, both in the home and the office. However, all units come with a sound power rating (dBA) that can be checked before purchase.
It is more common nowadays for air conditioning systems to have features in place that improve the air quality of a space. This means that those with allergies or sensitivities can find it easier to breathe when these systems are on.

You may be tempted to find a cheap air conditioning system to save yourself some cash, but dropping your standards never works in the long run. Major brands like Daikin or Samsung are far more reliable, even if they come with a bigger price tag, as they have lengthy warranties and superb after-sale services.

For more information on finding the right air conditioning system for you, you can read our guide to choosing the right AC size. Otherwise, you can give us a call and talk to one of our trusted employees directly!

For more information on finding the right air conditioning system for you, read up on our guide to choosing the right AC size, or give us a call!

Choose From Our Wide Range of Air Conditioning Systems

Unsure of where to start in choosing your new air conditioning system? Not to worry, you can begin your search with the 4 main types of air conditioning units:

The combination of an outside compressor and second unit within the roof cavity is a discreet way to both cool and heat an entire building. Ducted systems can be located anywhere to evenly distribute a temperature-controlled air flow.

The outdoor compressor links to a wall-hung air conditioning unit installed within the rooms you wish to cool. Much more popular in the domestic range of units, especially those with smaller rooms.

Up to 8 wall-mounted, floor-mounted or ducted air units are attached to one outdoor unit, which is ideal for cooling or heating multiple indoor locations through separate controls.

Preferred by those looking to reduce energy consumption and use a more natural cooling method, this AC unit does an excellent job with filtering indoor air pollution.

We service these air conditioning variants and more:

Make sure to read our guide to air conditioner types and their benefits to help you choose the right air conditioner for you!

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Qualified Air Conditioner Technicians in the Hills District

Seeking an air conditioning installation service in the Hills District you can trust? Then Alliance Climate Control is the choice for you!

We hire the best and brightest of AC installers, ensuring that all our local technicians have in-depth knowledge of the Hills District area and its climate.

Our outstanding service is evident in our skills and attitude. We do things the right way, not the easy way. On top of that, our technicians are provided with in-house training to keep them up to date with any new developments in the HVAC industry. This means you’re getting the foremost air conditioning experts in the Hills District area.

Here at Alliance, our core values centre on trust, accountability and remaining passionate as we find your space the best solution in air conditioning services. We don’t just want our customers to be doing business with us because they are satisfied with our services. We want them invested because of the high standard we set for ourselves and our fantastic customer engagement.

After all, it is important to find the best cooling solution at competitive pricing, but it is just as integral to maintain a strong customer relationship.

If you want a reliable local technician for HVAC assistance, you can speak with one of our professional team members for assistance.

Major Brands and Direct Partners We Work With​

At Alliance Climate Control, we are capable of providing the highest quality services possible through our partnerships with all the major brands in air conditioning.

Which Suburbs Do We Service in the Hills District?

Our air conditioning service encompasses the entirety of the Hills District, including the surrounding suburbs. 

If your suburb isn’t listed on our website, give us a call as we are more than happy to head over your way for a chat.

  • Baulkham Hills, 2153
  • Beacon Hill, 2100
  • Beaumont Hills, 2155
  • Beecroft, 2119
  • Carlingford, 2118
  • Castle Hill, 2154
  • Dundas Valley, 2117
  • Dural, 2158
  • Eastwood, 2122
  • Epping, 2121
  • Kellyville, 2155
  • Kenthurst, 2156
  • Marsfield, 2122
  • North Epping, 2121
  • Pennant Hills, 2125
  • West Ryde, 2114
  • West Pennant Hills, 2125
  • Winston Hills, 2153

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Maintenance Tune-Up will ensure your system is kept in pristine condition year after year!

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We offer a 100% service satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. If you feel that the service was not provided to your full satisfaction, within 12 months to date of the original visit, we encourage you to call us so we can make things right!

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