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Air Conditioning Installation

All The Different Types Of Air Conditioners You Can Choose From

BJ (Hermingdlo) Reyes, Installation HVAC Technician

BJ is a keen and friendly installation technician who will make sure your brand new air conditioner is fitted perfectly in your home. With over 5 years of experience in HVAC, BJ understands that every home has different HVAC needs. He is passionate about picture-perfect installations and will make sure every detail is up-to-scratch. When he’s not playing his favourite video games or keeping up with TV series, you can find him ice-skating.


Is the idea of suffering through another unbearably hot summer enough to drive you crazy?

Or, how about freezing during the cold winter months, afraid to come out from under your blankets?

If so, then our easy guide can help you to choose the right air conditioning system for your home.

Which is better for you, a split system or a ducted air conditioning?

What is a multi-split system? After reading our easy to understand guide, you’ll have the answers you need to make an informed decision about your next air conditioner.

Here at Alliance Climate Control, all we know is air conditioning. Do you need to cool down a couple of rooms? Or how about a climate control system for your entire home? No matter what you need, we guarantee we’ll make the process a breeze.

Here are the main types of Air Conditioning Systems that you should consider for your home.

Split System Air Conditioning

What is a Split System?

In simplest terms, a split air conditioning system is an air conditioning system that is designed to work in individual areas of your home, instead of working in your entire home at the same time. It’s a very flexible air conditioning system that lets you cool or heats a single room, as the need arises.

Need to keep your baby comfortable? Then heat or cool your nursery.

Entertaining guests in your family room? Maybe you can’t sleep at night when it’s hot and humid? Not a problem, a split system air conditioner can keep your bedroom cool and comfortable.

With a split system air conditioner, the compressor is installed outside your home and the unit that passes air into your home is either wall-mounted or a compact floor unit.

When should you consider having a split system air conditioner installed?

  • When you want to heat or cool individual rooms in your home.
  • When you have compact spaces to deal with.

What advantages does a Split System offer?

With a split system, there are two main benefits.

  1. The biggest advantage of a split system is that it is more economical than other types of air conditioners. It saves you money since you’ll only install one unit at a time, and it saves you money because it only cools or heats the parts of your home you need it to.
  2. The other advantage of a split system is that it allows you to pick and choose what rooms in your house you need air conditioning in.

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning


What is a Multi Split System?

It’s pretty rare that you’ll find any two people that will agree on the ideal temperature in a room. A multi split system gives you the ability to individually change the temperature of each room in a home, helping you to keep everyone happy. A multi split system can actually run multiple air conditioners, while still only needing a single outdoor compressor.

You can choose what type of indoor unit you want for each room, giving you the ultimate freedom when planning out your home’s air conditioning system.

Multi Split Air Conditioning systems are ideal for:

  • Cooling and heating up to 5 rooms in your home.
  • Homes that have limited space for ductwork.
  • You will be able to control the temperature of each room in your home individually.

What are the main advantages of a Multi Split system?

  1. It’s convenient and economical. It gives you maximum comfort and allows you to set the temperature in each room according to the occupant’s preference.
  2. You can choose from up to 5 different indoor units, and still, only need a single outdoor air compressor.

Options you can choose include wall mounted units, duct connected, floor standing or ceiling suspended units.

Ducted System Air Conditioning

What is a Ducted System?

Ducted systems are an ideal solution for heating and cooling an entire home, and for when you want a discreet look for your air conditioner.

When you want to be able to keep your entire home as hot or cool as you want it, then a ducted air conditioning system is your best option. All that it takes with a ducted air conditioner is a single, discreetly placed outdoor unit, and a single indoor unit that you can conceal in your ceiling or under your floor. Hot or cold air is then transported throughout your home via a series of ducts.

What are the advantages of a ducted system?

  • You can either have a ducted system installed when your home is built, or have it installed after the fact.
  • You’ll hardly even notice that it’s there. Only the controller and grilles are visible inside of your home, and all of the technology that drives the system is hidden out of sight. It’s also the quietest type of air conditioning system.
  • Ducted air conditioners not only make your home a nicer place to live, but they also increase its value.
  • You can heat and cool every room and can also zone control your home to maximize the efficiency of the system.

We hope our guide can help you understand what the main differences between those popular air conditioners, For more information about which air conditioning system is best for your home, please contact Alliance Climate Control or call us on (02) 8061 5028 today.


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