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Air Conditioning Service And Repairs

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An efficient and trouble-free air conditioning unit is probably a significant investment recommended for any homeowner.

However, just like any other major appliance, the equipment may at times experience mechanical and electrical issues. An air conditioner that has malfunctioned is a major problem, expressly in the months of hot summer.

Apparently, the equipment can cripple your entire home and may even oblige you to spend your night elsewhere. Air conditioners need essential maintenance, including proper cleaning, inspection, and air filter changing. But even the units that receive absolute best maintenance sometimes go awry.

The following are some of the most common problems associated with air conditioners, and how to fix them. Read on to find out.


The air conditioning unit is not cooling

An air conditioning system that is running but not cooling may be an indication of a problem. There are many potential causes, though. For instance, the problem could be a dirty air filter, blocked condensate drain, dirty outdoor compressor, or even low refrigerant level. Additionally, you may need to check for ice around the air conditioner unit’s coils, and then add more coolant to the system.

The air conditioner blows hot air

Sometimes an air conditioning system blows hot air, which is rather infuriating. A dirty air filter often occasions this problem. To fix this issue, check whether the outside unit runs smoothly, and then verify whether there are leaves and other debris hampering proper air flow. Another probable reason is that you are low on neon.

The compressor malfunctions

A compressor that does not run may be an indication of a faulty start capacitor, burned wire, or a defective compressor itself. Make sure that you clean the condenser coil and adjust the refrigerant charge. It is also important to check the compressor if there are defects. In case the compressor fails to reset, it would be wise to replace it entirely.

The air conditioning system makes a strange noise

It is normal for air conditioners to produce noise as they operate. However, sometimes they make a strange noise that you do not recognize, and this could indicate a problem. Apparently, these noises may be a mystery.

When the air conditioner produces a noisy air, especially if it makes a squealing sound, it may indicate a belt problem. The reason is that its belt has been improperly aligned or it needs a replacement. A grinding sound, on the other hand, could indicate an issue with the motor’s bearings. Popping or pinging sound indicates that there could be a loose flap of metal in the conduit. Rattling noises may indicate that the unit’s cover panels are loose and need to be tightened.

Professional Air conditioning service

The heating and cooling industry studies recommend regular air conditioning system checkups and maintenance. This is intended to prevent most air conditioner performance issues. Our Air Con Service Company prides itself in friendly and knowledgeable technicians, who can perform seasonal tune-ups on various brands of HVAC systems.

We perform routine care and maintenance tasks on different brands of air conditioners, including Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi & Panasonic, Samsung, and more. Our skilled and highly qualified technicians can help you prevent your air conditioning system hitches from becoming major repair expenses.

We can identify and rectify problems that prevent your appliance from performing as designed. Additionally, we offer one of the most comprehensive maintenance plans that are available on a 6-day basis. Kindly contact us now to schedule your appointment.