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When Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Jamie Lee, Service HVAC Technician

Jamie is a keen HVAC service technician with over 4 years of experience. He is skilled in maintaining different types of air conditioning systems. Jamie is also passionate about the latest home automation and air conditioning technology. Outside of work, he can be found in his garage working on his car or watching his very soccer team – Liverpool F.C


With the season changing, now is the time to think about your heating air conditioning systems.

Is it in good shape? Does it need a major work?

The cold chill is fast approaching us. As people are starting to turn on their heating and air conditioners, many are finding their units are not working properly.

Our phones are ringing non-stop over the past two weeks and a common question we have been asked is whether we recommend if a customer should replace or repair their current HVAC unit this Winter season.

This may be a difficult question to answer without taking a look at each individual unit, but there are several elements to consider prior to calling our office that will help ensure you are asking the right questions and are put in contact with the correct department.

Our service manager has outlined, in very simple terms, what factors typically help determine whether to repair your system or if it’s time to consider a replacement.  We wanted to share this beneficial with our customers.

Use this guide to decide it’s time for a new, more efficient model.


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