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Benefits Of An Air Conditioner Check Up

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What is an air conditioner check-up?

A check-up of your air conditioner system twice each year is important to keep it in top condition. In Australian conditions, it is best performed late Spring, just before the summer begins and again at the end of Autumn, especially if there are pets frequently in the house.

Filters, cooling coil, compressor, condenser coil and the general performance of the system are some of the items included in these check-ups providing a snapshot of the health of your air conditioner.

An “Eco-Clean” service of the cooling coil every two years will also help to minimise the chance of dust and dirt building on the coil. In this “Eco-clean” service, the cooling coil and filters are cleaned and treated with a microbial solution to help prevent dirt and dust sticking to the coil fins.


What happens without routine air conditioner inspections?

When an air conditioning system operates, condensate forms on the cooling fin coils, attracting dust and other pathogens, eventually building up to such an extent that restricts airflow across the cooling fins.

If intervals between inspections of your air conditioner are allowed to be extended, this dirt build-up may clog the cooling coil and filter restricting the passage of air into the living space. Consequently, your room gets warmer and the air conditioner is perceived to be underperforming.

The natural tendency is to select a lower temperature which only makes the air conditioner work harder, with even greater underperformance and increased running costs. A simple maintenance regime with regular inspection and cleaning will prevent these problems, keeping your running costs low and helping to maintain the optimum operating condition of the system.

Why are air conditioner tune-ups important?

It is important to arrange regular inspections and check-ups of your Air Conditioner system before the summer heat arrives and again in preparation for use during winter months, to always keep it in top operating condition and provide trouble-free service all year round.

An air conditioner tune-up not only ensures your comfort making sure your system works at its best, but it can also save money on unnecessarily high running costs.

In fact, the cost of regular tune-ups for your air conditioner system would generally be less than the extra cost to run an inefficient and dirty system, not to mention the health risks that are always present when dirt and pathogens contaminate the coil and filtration system or worse when they find their way into your living spaces.

Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns and extends AC lifetime

Regular maintenance of your Air Conditioner is the best means to make sure your system is always operating at its peak condition. Pre-programmed service events, conducted by trained technicians can almost always identify when any problem might cause concern in the near future.

Trained in the service of major air conditioners, Alliance Climate Control technicians know the early “tell-tale” signs when a major component is not functioning correctly or is likely to cause trouble and require repair or premature replacement.

It is a well-known fact that most air conditioner systems have a life expectancy of 10 or 15 years before requiring replacement and lose about 5-8% operating efficiency every year, consequently after 10 years they may have lost anywhere between 50% and 80% of their operating capability. Regular inspections and tune-ups, during the course of an air conditioner’s life, can minimise these efficiency losses and prolong the serviceable life of your system as far as practical.

Schedule a tune-up with Alliance Climate Control

With any scheduled service provided by Alliance Climate Control technicians, the benefit of their factory training is always evident. They are well informed of new developments or techniques on how to improve the operating efficiency of all major brands that we sell.

Pre-arranged service events are invaluable and often fairly short in duration. This is by far the most convenient way to maintain your system, providing you, the owner, with the “set-and-forget” convenience of programmed maintenance, set up at a date to suit.

We will always send you advice ahead of the pre-arranged date, but if that doesn’t suit for any reason, a quick call can re-schedule to a later time.

The primary focus is to keep your system operating efficiently and all our Alliance Climate Control technicians in radio-controlled vehicles are able to adjust scheduled times at a moment’s notice.

Set up a pre-arranged schedule for your system now, your air conditioner will be pleased you did.

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