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What’s An Air Conditioning Deflector? How Much Does It Cost?

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You may have heard that adding an air deflector to your air conditioner’s outdoor unit can help improve performance. However, it’s important to understand what an AC air deflector is before you decide to get one. 

An air conditioning deflector is an attachment for your outdoor unit that deflects hot air away from the unit. These are ideal for outdoor units installed tightly between the house and a fence and prevent the system from intaking stale air.

Have you ever wondered why your air conditioner takes forever to cool some locations or rooms in your house/office? Well, it may not be an air conditioning maintenance problem. In fact, the issue could be the airflow, which is an important factor for the efficient functioning of your outdoor as well as indoor air conditioners.

One of the most successful ways to rectify the issue is to use deflectors. In this blog, we’ll have a look at some critical details about deflectors and how they can help you achieve better cooling. Even poorly located air conditioners with improper outdoor airflow can receive a performance boost by installing an air con deflector. 

To learn all about air deflectors for air conditioning outdoor units, read on!


What Is An Air Conditioning Deflector?

A deflector is a device that forces the air from your outdoor unit upwards or sideways rather than straight towards the wall or fence. This allows the air to move out, avoiding the recirculation problem. 

Air con condenser deflectors are especially useful when the outdoor unit is mounted close to a wall or fence, or in an otherwise restricted space without sufficient air flow. 

Air con deflectors can be used for most types of air conditioning units, including split system or wall air conditioning units, ducted air conditioning units, window units and more. Any air conditioner with an outdoor condensor unit can potentially benefit from installing a deflector if suffering from air flow problems. 

Some air conditioner models will have specific deflectors to pair with them. Leading brands such as Daikin offer air conditioner deflector kits which can be installed by your local Daikin Specialist Dealer. 

However, if the manufacturer does not provide a compatible air con deflector, you can get custom-made deflectors as per your requirements.

How Does An Air Conditioning Deflector Work?

An air conditioning deflector is an attachment installed on the outdoor unit of an air conditioning system to change the direction of the airflow leaving the system. This is important because it stops the outdoor unit from taking in old, stale air. 

When warm air exits the outdoor air con unit, if it immediately hits a fence, wall or other enclosed space, it’s drawn back into the condenser unit rather than escaping. This prevents the AC unit from taking in cool and fresh air. If the air conditioning unit is taking in hot air, it has to work harder to cool your home, adding extra strain to your system.

Air conditioning deflectors fit over the outdoor unit or condenser of your air conditioner. The vents on the air deflector direct the air flow in a better direction, sending warm and stale air away from the unit and any outdoor living areas. This avoids recirculating hot air and keeps sufficient fresh air flowing into your unit. 

Deflectors divert hot air to avoid poor performance and long-term wear to the air con unit from recirculating hot and stale air. If your air conditioner sits next to a wooden fence, a deflector can also help prevent damage and wear and tear to the fence.

Many people opt for a custom-made condenser deflector since every air conditioner brand and installation is different. That way, air can be deflected directly up, diagonally, or to the side, depending on how their unit is installed and what is around it.

Why Do I Need An Air Conditioning Deflector?

Installing an air deflector for your outdoor air conditioning unit helps overcome poor placement, improving air flow into your AC system despite a tight or narrow space. Air con deflectors help improve air con performance and extend the lifespan of your unit. 

There are two primary functions that an outdoor air con unit performs. While it absorbs heat from the outdoor air in heating mode, it’ll do the opposite in the cooling mode. When in heating mode, the coil absorbs heat from outdoor air through the refrigerant and uses it to warm your home. The reverse happens in the cooling mode, as the hotter coil expels the heat collected from your house to the outside air.

If the outdoor unit is located too close to a wall or fence, the air will get recirculated back to itself. Therefore, the coil gets frozen in the heating mode and can’t absorb heat from the outdoor air. However, the coil gets overheated in cooling mode, which doesn’t allow it to expel as much heat. This reduces the coil’s efficiency to transfer heat, which adversely affects the performance of the air conditioner.

If air flow is insufficient, you can not only experience poor air conditioning performance but also a higher cost of cooling your home

Air recirculation can be avoided at the air con installation change by properly placing the outdoor unit. You should always choose the right air con installer that knows the issues that arise due to incorrect placement. 

The best place to install an outdoor air conditioning unit depends upon your home’s layout. However, if it’s not possible to locate the outdoor unit perfectly, you can opt to install deflectors for your air conditioning unit.

Do I Need An Air Conditioning Deflector?

A deflector can only improve your air conditioner’s efficiency if it’s affected by poor airflow. Try answering the following questions to know whether you need deflectors:

  • Is your outdoor unit’s airflow blocked because of a wall or a fence?
  • If there’s a fence, is it completely or partially solid?
  • Is the obstruction closer than 1.5m to your outdoor unit?

If your outdoor unit is blocked by a wall or a solid fence closer than 1.5 meters, it’s worth investing in an air conditioning deflector. If you’re not sure if your outdoor unit is getting enough airflow, don’t worry, you can always talk to a professional.

Calling a local air conditioner technician like one of the friendly team at Alliance Climate Control is a quick and easy way to find out if you need an air conditioning deflector. Once we confirm if you’d benefit from a deflector, we can even custom-make and install it for you. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing An Air Conditioning Deflector?

There are many benefits to installing an air conditioning deflector! They aren’t just an upsold air conditioning accessory. If you live in an area with dense housing or your air conditioner wasn’t installed by a professional, your system may be working inefficiently.

If this is the case, you may enjoy the following benefits if you install an air conditioning deflector: 

Improve Air Con Performance

Air conditioners rely on having proper airflow around their outdoor unit to provide clean and cool air. If your air conditioner isn’t able to draw in and exhaust air efficiently, the system won’t be able to work at peak efficiency. However, an air conditioning deflector will give you more control of where the air comes in and goes out to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency

Save Money On Air Con Maintenance

Air conditioners use a system of coils to heat and cool your home. However, if there isn’t enough airflow going to the machine, these coils can freeze up or overheat while the system is running. This will reduce the system’s performance, and you’ll need to spend more money on regular maintenance and repairs. 

Improve Comfort For People

If hot air from the outdoor unit is directed towards outdoor living areas, like a patio or balcony, the warm air can be uncomfortable. In fact, constant exposure to this stale air can even be unhealthy. It can also damage fences, gardens and other surrounding areas if hot air isn’t able to dissipate properly. Air conditioning deflectors support a healthy flow of air away from the condensor unit. 

Quick To Install

Air conditioning deflectors are quick to install, so they’re faster and cheaper than alternative solutions. If your air conditioner isn’t installed in a location with enough circulation, you can install a deflector or get it moved and reinstalled. Air conditioning deflectors are efficient enough that installing one is as good an option as moving your existing system and doesn’t come with the vast cost or downtime! 

Low Maintenance

Air conditioner deflectors don’t need maintenance, aside from occasional dusting to remove any build-up on the vents. In fact, you don’t even need to remove air con deflectors to maintain or service your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. 


As every home, neighbourhood, and air conditioner is different, it’s unrealistic to expect that your stock standard air conditioning deflector will suit every home. A professional air conditioning specialist like Alliance Climate Control can source and install an air conditioning deflector that is perfect for your home. 



How Much Does An Air Conditioning Deflector Cost?

The cost of a genuine branded air con deflector can range from $250 to $550. It’ll generally last through the entire service life of your AC, and hence it’s a one-time cost unless the deflector vents are damaged. 

An air conditioner with a twin-fan system will need two deflectors, and you’ll want to be sure the deflector you buy suits your air conditioner type, brand and model. That’s why genuine OEM products can help ensure it’s a suitable choice.

The total cost of an air con deflector and installation by an experienced company will generally vary between $450 to $650 based on your air conditioner. By consulting a professional, you can be sure your air conditioning unit won’t receive costly damage.

Leading air conditioning brands like Daikin offer deflector kit installation exclusively through a Daikin Specialist Dealer, so you’ll need to reach out to an authorised air conditioning service to purchase and install these. 


Should I Install An Air Conditioning Deflector Myself?

Although installing an air conditioning deflector yourself is possible, you can save yourself time and effort by speaking to a professional. Not only can we tell you if you’ll benefit from a deflector, but we can also source and install one for you.

Deflectors are extremely useful in improving your air conditioner’s efficiency if you have an airflow problem. However, it may be a waste of money if you don’t actually need an AC deflector, so getting professional advice is recommended.

If the airflow from your outdoor unit is blocked because of a fence or wall less than 1.5m away, then a deflector is required. If not, there may be better options to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner.  

You’ll need to ensure the coil is not located adjacent to the panels where you’ll be mounting the deflectors. The repair is very expensive if the coil gets punctured by the screws, so hiring a professional to install your air con deflector is recommended.

Professional installation also means you’ll know that the deflector is suitable for your outdoor unit and isn’t making the air flow issue worse. Since poorer air flow can further reduce the lifespan of your air conditioning unit, there are many benefits of contacting an air con service like Alliance Climate Control for installation.  



Air Conditioning Deflector Installation Services

At Alliance Climate Control, we’ve been helping Sydney residents maintain comfortable living conditions for nearly two decades. With expertise in all leading manufacturers on the market today, we offer affordable and workable solutions with or without deflectors.

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