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What’s An Air Conditioning Deflector? How Much Does It Cost?

Michael Kuzmanovski, HVAC Installation Manager

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Have you ever wondered why your air conditioner takes forever to cool some locations or rooms in your house/office? Well, it may not be a problem with your air conditioner unit; you should perhaps check the airflow, which is an important factor for the efficient functioning of your outdoor as well as indoor air conditioners.

One of the most successful ways to rectify the issue is to use deflectors. In this blog, we’ll have a look at some critical details about deflectors and how they can help you achieve better cooling despite poorly located Air Conditioner or improper outdoor airflow.

Issues with Outdoor Airflow

There are two primary functions that an outdoor unit performs. While in heating mode, it absorbs heat from outdoor air, it’ll do the opposite in the cooling mode. In heating mode, its coil is colder than the surrounding air temperature, thereby absorbing heat from the outdoor air to heat up your home through the refrigerant. The reverse happens in the cooling mode, as the hotter coil expels the heat that’s collected from your house to the outside air.

If the outdoor unit is located too close to a wall or a fence, the air gets recirculated back to itself. Therefore, in the heating mode, the coil gets frozen and hence, it can’t absorb heat from the outdoor air. On the other hand, in cooling mode, the coil gets overheated, which doesn’t allow it to expel as much heat as it can. This reduces the coil’s efficiency to transfer heat, which in turn adversely affects the cooling/heating efficacy of the air conditioner.


Poor Siting of Outdoor Unit

Proper siting of the outdoor unit can avoid the air recirculation problem. It starts with selecting an installation firm that’s experienced and knows the issues that can arise due to the wrong location. The appropriate site for the outdoor unit hugely depends upon your home’s layout. However, if it’s not possible to locate the outdoor unit perfectly, you can opt to use deflectors.

What’s a Deflector?

Simply put, a deflector is a device that deflects the air from your outdoor unit upwards or sideways rather than straight towards the wall or fence. This allows the air to move out, thereby avoiding the recirculation problem. You’ll get suitably designed deflectors with some air conditioning units. However, if the same is not provided by the manufacturer, you can get custom-made deflectors as per your requirements.


Do You Really Need a Deflector?

A deflector can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency only if it’s affected by poor airflow. Try answering the following questions to know whether or not you need deflectors:

  • Is your outdoor unit’s airflow blocked due to a wall or a fence?
  • If there’s a fence, is it completely or partially solid?
  • Is the obstruction closer than 1.5m to your outdoor unit?

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a good quality deflector can range from $250 to $550. It’ll normally last through the entire service life of your AC and hence it’s a one-time cost. However, an air conditioner with a twin-fan system will need two deflectors.

You must check and confirm that the coil isn’t mounted adjoining the panels on which you’re planning to fix the deflectors. If the coil gets punctured due to the screws, the repair will cost you big money. If you’re still not sure, it’s recommended to hire a professional to undertake the job for you. The total cost of manufacturing followed by installation of a quality deflector by an experienced company will normally vary between $450 to $650 based on your air conditioner.

To Summarise

  • Deflectors are extremely useful in improving your air conditioner’s efficiency.
  • However, you must check whether you actually need a deflector.
  • If the airflow from your outdoor unit is blocked due to a fence or a wall, which is less than 1.5m away from it, then a deflector is required.
  • They’re quite inexpensive and can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.
  • You can DIY if you’re comfortable with a drill.

We’ve been helping people of Sydney in maintaining comfortable living conditions for nearly two decades. With expertise in all leading manufacturers on the market today and we offer affordable and workable solutions with or without deflectors.

For more information about condenser air deflectors, contact Alliance Climate Control or Call us on (02) 8061 5028 today for the perfect solution for your air conditioning needs!


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