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What Is The Best Split System Air Conditioner Brand In Australia

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What is a split air conditioning system?

Split air conditioning systems are favoured by many Australian households. They are clean, quiet, energy efficient and easily adaptable to most residential spaces where air conditioning is required. A split air conditioning system typically comprises a compressor and heat exchanger in an externally located cabinet, connected by piping to a cooling coil, fans and filter system in wall mounted indoor unit.

The installation of a split system is simple and uncomplicated but there are a few important things to remember to make sure the selected system performs to its designed capabilities, keeping your family comfortable and breathing safe, clean air.

  • Firstly, select an experienced installer with a proven history. Alliance Climate Control are leaders in this field with many customers returning to request repeat installations to their home or at investment properties.
  • Secondly, have the installation evaluated properly in terms of room size, window and door position and most importantly anticipated use of the space under consideration. Alliance Climate Control have a rapid response team of trained technicians in radio controlled vehicles. They can be on your doorstep in the Sydney metro area in minutes with unmatched expertise, ready to provide sound advice and can provide an accurate evaluation and written quotation for supply and installation your new system.

It is important to be aware of installers that might appear to be indifferent to your needs or are improperly trained. These companies may be unable to fully respond to your needs or the requirements of the existing space during extreme conditions the environment may present. In such cases, a poorly installed system is likely to place the compressor under continuous load and may cause premature failure with costly unplanned repairs or upgrades probable.

Selecting a quality split air conditioner system for installation is equally important and with an infinite number of different units and options, it is critical to consider the advantages of each type of unit available, carefully considering each brands’ varying levels of innovation and complexity to verify which is best suited for your installation.

A measure of the most experienced designers and manufacturers is often shown by its’ years of operation and the industry innovations developed and brought to market.

The leading group in this segment of manufacturers might include Daikin and Fujitsu who introduced compressor inverter technology and DC electric motor load detection. Other manufacturers such as Actron, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic or Carrier, are progressive in some facets but unable to lay claim to industry leading innovation, Finally, LG, Toshiba and Samsung and others, also venture into air conditioner system manufacture but only as tangent to other core product lines.


Advantage of split air conditioning

A split air conditioning system is quieter, cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing when installed in your home. Attractively styled, it is able to provide comfortable air circulated to all areas of regularly shaped rooms.

The location of the indoor unit also enables easy access to service the filtration system and other important elements of the indoor unit.Split Air Conditioning Unit

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a split system allows re-humidification of conditioned air incorporating a mix of fresh and recirculated air. This re-circulation facility not only increases the efficiency of the cooling process by passing air over the finned coil and filter system several times, it also ensures continuous removal of dust, pollens and other pathogens to make the air clean, comfortable and safe.

To ensure satisfactory and economical operation, select a reputable brand and an installer with wide installation experience. Alliance Climate Control installers only use the best materials available, appropriately considering all possible weather variations to ensure the capability of the system is suitable for both winter and summer extremes.

Split air conditioning service & maintenance

Long after your installation is complete, Alliance Climate Control’s team of trained and qualified technicians are with you to help care and maintain your unit, right from the day of installation. They will advise how to look after your system properly and how to set up regular scheduled maintenance making sure your system will always maintain your comfort while operating most economically.

Regularly scheduled maintenance visits are the most effective means to maintain high operating efficiency of your system. Pre-arranged annual maintenance visits keep your system in top operating condition while Alliance Climate Control’s Eco Clean service every 2 years restores optimum efficiency to your finned coil and filtration system, preventing the build-up of dangerous pathogens and other health risks.

Our recommendation

Alliance Climate Control recommend and install Daikin and Fujitsu Split Systems Air Conditioner because they use the most efficient inverter compressor and drive motor systems on the market.

Operating efficiency of mechanical components such as compressors and drive motors are known to reduce by 2% to 3% every year, in addition to continual increases in the unit cost of electricity, it is clearly less expensive to maintain a regular servicing program than to suffer high repair costs, the consequence of poor maintenance.

Keeping energy costs to a minimum is simple with an inverter system such as Daikin or Fujitsu which, with industry leading innovation, provide the greatest energy savings, coupled with a reliable and experienced installer such as Alliance Climate Control, your comfort and the health of your family is ensured.