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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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Your air conditioner will run at optimal efficiency when you look after it.

Regular maintenance for your air conditioner not only ensures that it is working when you need it to be but will save you money and extend the life of your unit.

Air Conditioner Filters

The filters in your air conditioner must be routinely cleaned and when necessary replaced. When the filters are obstructed or dirty, the airflow from your air conditioner is blocked and its effectiveness can be significantly reduced.

This, in turn, causes dirt to be carried into the evaporator coil, via the unfiltered air, and affect its ability to absorb heat. A clogged air filter can increase your air conditioners energy consumption by up to 15% which is significant.

Filters are generally located on the grill facing the room for room air conditioners and for central units they can be in the walls, ceilings or on the main unit. Check your manual if you are not sure for your particular brand.

It depends on your air conditioner whether the filters are reusable or must be replaced.


Air Conditioner Coils

Maintaining the cleanliness of your air filter helps to stop dirt collecting on the evaporator and condenser coils. Dirt on your evaporator coil stops it from properly absorbing heat. It will eventually collect dirt over time and it is recommended that you check it every 12 months and clean it if it is dirty.

Condenser coils that are mounted externally can become dirty easily depending on the environment and you need to check this on a regular basis especially if it is in a dusty area or near trees. Look for dirt collecting on its fins.

Also, make sure that the area near the condenser coil is kept clean.


Coil Fins

Both your condenser and evaporator coils have aluminium fins that can be easily bent. When this happens airflow can be blocked so when you clean them you need to be careful. If you do find that the fins on either of your coils have been bent you can buy a “fin comb” that can return the fins back to their original place.


Condensate Drains

Keep an eye on your air conditioners drain channels. If they become blocked they do not reduce humidity. To avoid this, regularly insert a strong wire into the drain channel to ensure there are no obstructions.


Window Seals for Room Air Conditioners

Before you turn your unit on, quickly check that the seal between it and the window frame is intact. Sometimes this seal is damaged by moisture and can let cool air out of the room.

At the start of each cooling season, inspect the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to ensure it makes contact with the unit’s metal case. Moisture can damage this seal, allowing cool air to escape from your house.


Hiring a Professional

When your air conditioner needs more than regular maintenance you need to call in professionals like Alliance Climate Control who can:

  • Clean filters
  • Check gas levels
  • Check running pressures
  • Check condensate drains
  • Check heating, cooling & other functions
  • Check airflow
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check the condition of indoor-outdoor units
  • Check nothing is obstructing the outdoor fan
  • Clean exterior of indoor & outdoor units
  • Check operation of indoor fan motors
  • Check compressors & condenser fans
  • Check pressures
  • Inspect condition of condenser coils
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Check operation of damper motors
  • Check vee belts (adjust if required)
  • Clean debris from the around outdoor unit

Remember, cleaning and maintaining your air conditioning unit helps you keep your cool and saves you money.