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The 6 Most Common Causes Of Daikin Air Conditioning Breakdown

Kirk Chalker, Senior Installation HVAC Technician
Kirk has worked over 14 years in the HVAC industry. He is a jack of all trades with experience in all aspects of commercial and residential air conditioning, overall HVAC, refrigeration, and electrical. Kirk is passionate about automobiles and enjoys watching his favourite NRL team – Parramatta Eels

Is your Daikin air conditioning system not working, smelling, leaking or simply won't start up?

Air conditioning is a very important aspect of our place of work and also our homes. It is an aspect which should not be taken lightly because it affects our health and wellbeing. If your air conditioner is experiencing the above problems do not worry we can help you. If your system is leaking water, there might be a hole or a crack in the drain pan which controls the overflow of water in the system. A blocked air filter may also be the cause of the leakage. By being clogged with dirt, the filter doesn’t allow sufficient airflow hence condensation occurs, and the system begins to leak. A crack or a hole in the drain pan can at times be seen by simply using a flashlight, although not always so easily identified. The clogged air filters can be diagnosed by visually checking them and also testing the airflow to see how sufficiently air is being produced through them.

A smelly air conditioner can be a serious cause of discomfort in your working environment and home. Bacteria build up within your air conditioning system can be responsible for the bad odour. To stop this from happening we need to clean our air conditioning system more regularly and also use coil cleaners and filter deodorisers which chemically clean your unit. The office environment would also need to be maintained at a condition which inhibits the spread of bacteria and other germs.

When your air conditioner won’t start, or it is working erratically, more than likely it means that it is having a mechanical problem. The best thing to do in such an instance is to get a professional service technician to look at the issue. The technician will provide a full assessment and if the system is damaged beyond restoration he can provide you with advice on a replacement. Mechanical breakdowns are often brought about the lack of regular maintenance of the air conditioning system. The air conditioner should be assessed once or twice a year to check if it is in good condition and to prevent minor issue before they turn into major repairs.


Most common issues of Daikin breakdowns

The most common issues of Daikin breakdowns are almost the same as every other air conditioner since they are all being used in the same way and under similar conditions. The following are some of the basic issues causing Daikin and other air conditioning systems to break down:

The first issue is brought about dirty air filters. The air filters should be changed regularly as advised by the manufacturer of your system. Failing to do this will result in the air conditioner working slowly, using more energy and eventually freezing and failing to function or failing to start at all. Another problem is the clogged drainage lines. This is resulted by an accumulation of dirt which can cause the line to overflow and ultimately destroying the drain pan. As a result of the damaged drainage pan, there will be cracks in it or holes which will cause the air conditioner to leak. A blown fuse is another issue which can cause the air conditioner to break down. The fuse protects the motor and the compressor. If the fuse blows there might be bigger problems underlying your air conditioning system, which can be traced to its installation or a fluctuating amount of power from the power source.

Daikin air conditioning problems

Air conditioning not starting

These can be brought about by a blown fuse, hence there is no completion of the circuit causing it to not start. It can be solved by replacing the fuse. Also, the power source could be the root cause. If the fuse is working well, make sure to check and test your power source for glitches.

Air conditioner leaks or drips water

Air conditioner leakage originates from the destroyed drainage pan. It might be cracks or holes in the drain pan. To remedy these, you will need to replace the drain pan. And also keep the air conditioner clean from dirt since that is the root cause of the issue causing the overflow to the drain pan.

The air conditioner won’t turn off

If the air conditioner fails to turn off, the wiring aspect of the system could be the problem. A qualified technician can check your wiring and correct the problem. If you notice these problems, be quick to call a professional and don’t switch it on until the problem is resolved, because you might be exposed to electrical shocks from the not well-functioning air conditioning system.

Not cooling or heating

This problem might arise from a thermostat which is not working well. It might also happen as a result of a frozen coil which is responsible for evaporation. Evaporation is vital for cooling and if this coil is frozen a service technician will be able to get it working.

Makes ominous noises

Noise from the air conditioning system results from a clogged air filter which causes the system to experience hardship while doing its function. And you know if the air is having difficulty leaving one area through a small hole it will produce some sound. To avoid this, clean the system regularly and also replaces your air filter regularly.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leakages from the refrigerant can be brought about by vibration during usage of the system as well as a knock or a bump to the system and its piping. To evade such occurrences, when installed, your system should be mounted and well-grounded.

Why you need to repair or replace Daikin air conditioning early?

You need to get a professional Alliance service technician to act on the problems before they develop into major issues which would evidently cost a lot more money to fix and at times cannot be resolved. So, it is better to get the team to work on your air conditioner and service it regularly in order to prevent major breakdowns.

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