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Getting The Right Information For Your Air Conditioner Quote

What, whether will be like

Where to start with an air conditioner quote?

Deciding to install an air conditioner system is probably the best decision you can make to maintain your family’s comfort and add value to your home at the same time.

It’s a big investment and you want to make sure to select the right system for your house, but where to start?


What could possibly go wrong?

It seems a simple matter to calculate the area of your home, maybe include a couple of doors and windows and estimate a unit that may provide the required temperatures. This is what many air conditioner installers might do for you over the phone and likely you will end up with a system either under-rated or over-rated depending on the salesperson providing the “over-the-phone”, site unseen quotation.

An accurate quotation cannot be completed without first seeing the site and the environment that the air conditioner will operate under. Any responsible installer such as Alliance Climate Control will always inspect the site first and understand the installation before giving a quote or a recommendation.

There are many factors to consider when evaluating your surroundings to recommend the best system for your needs. Some of these considerations include:

  • Insulation capability of materials used in the house design that might allow significant heat to enter the building either through the roof, walls or windows and doors.
  • The range of summer (and winter) ambient temperatures and humidity levels of your locality.
  • The type and design of the building whether it be a single or multi-storey, the number of internal open and closed areas and predisposition of the house design for natural airflow.
  • Facing direction of the main living areas and if large uncovered glass areas are likely to introduce a significant heat load.
  • The natural environment of the outside surroundings. Shady trees and grassed areas are able to provide more resistance to incoming heat than large concreted pavements or steel structures that can reflect additional heat load towards the house.

It is for these reasons, an accurate quote is not able to be presented without visiting the home to measure and assess the above factors both inside and out, understanding the intended use of each area.

Who will provide the best information for my interests?

The next important task to get the right air conditioning system for your home is to select an accredited installer and one that can provide back up, after sales service and parts support.

Many installers offer “the best system” for your needs but those with accredited and trained personnel with backing from major air conditioner manufacturers will have an obvious advantage with:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of recent developments and current system designs directly from the manufacturer.
  • Spare parts and service support training accredited from major manufacturers.
  • Experience of numerous installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Alliance Climate Control satisfy all these criteria, supporting and installing all the major brands such as Daikin and Fujitsu. Technicians are always available in radio-controlled mobile vans able to attend to your requirements in no time, backed by a well-stocked warehouse to supply anything you need anytime.

What factors should be considered when recommending a system?

The most important responsibility of a good installer is to accurately evaluate the local environmental factors, your building type and construction.

An evaluation from an accredited installer such as Alliance Climate Control will include a recommendation for a particular type of air conditioner system and might be one of the following:

  • A wall-mounted split system where an external unit may supply cooling to one or more internal wall mounted units.
  • Individual vented system where an external unit may supply cooling to a central unit housed in the ceiling cavity servicing one or more rooms, often controlled separately for differing temperature zones, ducting conditioned air to room ceiling vents.
  • A ceiling cassette system, supported by an external unit may supply cooling for larger areas distributed in a 360-degree pattern.

Alliance Climate Control and most installers will provide a recommendation for an inverter type compressor in which more constant room temperature is maintained ensuring the compressor and other major system elements avoid major fluctuations in temperature and accordingly minimising the energy consumed.

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Is it important to get regular services and check-ups?

As important as it is to engage a reputable installer to evaluate and install an air conditioner system to your home, it is equally vital to engage a service agent to inspect your system regularly to ensure it is clean and functioning as it should.

Alliance Climate Control recommend setting up recurring service events for your air conditioner system at least every 12 months or more regularly if the environment is excessively dusty.

Our regular service includes inspection and function test of all parts of your air conditioner system and every alternate inspection, we recommend an Eco-Clean treatment of the cooling coil and filtration system to inhibit dirt and dust build-up.

We can set these service events in place in advance and just give you a short reminder when they are coming up so you can sit back with peace of mind and enjoy the cool temperatures of your new system with your family.

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