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4 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Critical For A Healthy Household

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Air Conditioning Maintenance


You service your car once a year. But have you scheduled your air conditioning and heating maintenance yet?

Just like your car, air conditioning and heating systems need to be checked regularly to make sure everything is running fine and any issues are fixed. This is especially key before labour-intensive seasons like winter and summer arrive.

Think you can wait till next season? No-one wants to be stuck with a faulty appliance when they need it most. By cleaning and inspecting every part for optical performance, you’ll discover lower energy bills around peak usage times and throughout the year. But most importantly, the health and safety of family members is the utmost concern, by ensuring clean air is being vented through the home.

Improved Reliability

From the chilly winters to the hot and humid summer days, you’ll want to stay comfortable through all extremes of the Australian climates.

Your air conditioning and heating systems are put under a lot of stress over the chilly season ever year, which leads to wear and tear on the system. The best way to stop wear and tear from developing into more serious damages and costly repairs is to schedule maintenance every 12 months.

Increased Energy Efficiency

It costs significantly more to heat your home than to cool it. That’s why there’s no better time to schedule your service of heating and cooling systems than right now.

A clean and efficient appliance will work less to deliver more. That means much cheaper energy bills when costs are otherwise the highest.

Extended System Lifespan

For most Aussie homeowners like yourself, a new air conditioning or heating system is a big investment. It’s only fair that you’ll want your system to last as long as possible, to get the best bang for your buck. A regular maintenance will mean your system will operate at top condition for much longer, but also extend the lifespan for many more years, saving you money in the long run.

Improved Air Quality & Comfort

The most basic argument for the importance of routine maintenance is the fact that a well-maintained system just works better. If your system is dirty or if it has problems that have gone undetected, you may be breathing in dirty, unhygienic air, mould and bacteria that’s growing inside of your system.

An alarming number of Australians have never had their AC or heater maintained and cleaned, or never heard about getting it cleaned by a professional. Many of us believe that just the filters need to get cleaned and everything will be ok. The truth is that the air conditioning coil is a breeding ground for unhealthy and harmful bacteria and viruses.

Regular maintenance and coil cleaning will produce fresh and healthy air in your home or business.

Don’t Put It Off

Now is the perfect time for your annual maintenance check and keeping your system in top shape before winter hits.  At Alliance Climate Control, our team of trained and qualified technicians offer a specialised maintenance program for every system. Feel at ease, knowing your air conditioning or heating appliance is getting the service it deserves.

Enjoy fresh, clean air and lower heating bills this winter. Give us a phone call on 02 8061 5023 and schedule your routine maintenance and clean today.