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Summer in Sydney is truly here. Temperatures are soaring, heat waves are here and we’re all loving the long days that Summer brings. But what we tend to forget about, is the Summer thunderstorms that can sporadically roll in.

Besides dampening our moods, frightening the kids, and alerting our household pets – these storms can bring another big issue – Power Outages.

With approximately 21% of Australian households currently having a generator in order to protect their household from power outages and storms, we wanted to provide you with some best practices on how to safely use a generator and in more so, in an efficient manner.

Store your generator outdoors

Generators produce fumes that infiltrate into the air around them, decreasing its nearby air quality. With this knowledge in mind, ensure your generator is always turned on outdoors, where it is to be kept at all times. If turned on indoors, this will decrease your Indoor Air Quality – something we should all strive to avoid.

Safely Re-Fuel

If your home requires a portable generator that requires gas to function, ensure the procedure of re-filling is conducted outdoors. Protect yourself against any electrical faults, by ensuring the generator is turned off and cooled down before beginning to re-fuel.
Alliance Technician Tip: watch carefully to ensure you do not overfill with gas.

Ensure its covered:

It’s a cardinal rule that water and electricity don’t mix. Therefore, whilst ensuring your family is safe and keeping your generator outdoors, ensure it is undercover. This is paramount to keeping it protected from thunderstorms, rain and other environmental factors that could make it malfunction.

Maintain a clear area:

Ensure your generator is kept in a concealed area where it isn’t a hazard to your children running around or family pets.

Living in the Australian climate, with temperatures rising, we understand households’ requirements to consistently have Air Conditioning performing at its best and protection against potential power outages.

Speak to our Air Conditioning Technicians and Electricians on how we can best support you with your Air Conditioning maintenance.