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Looking For An Experienced Central Coast Air Conditioning Installer?

If you are looking for an experienced Central Coast air conditioning installer, then look no further than Alliance Climate Control. With over 15 years of experience providing quality air conditioning services to Central Coast, you can be assured that our highly skilled installers will always go the extra mile.

They are Australian licensed and qualified technicians that have become a core part of the Alliance family, using their expertise in Central Coast’s climate to ensure your system is running efficiently and effectively. Our technicians are also trained to determine what system fits your space requirement and local climate, with a heat load calculation also included in every inspection.

All these factors are considered before designing the perfect air conditioning solution for you and your home, bringing you comfort year-round.

Every home is unique, and your needs are too, which is why our team will be with you throughout the entire process. Regardless if your needs are residential or commercial air conditioning installation, we have the ideal air conditioning system for you.

When you work with Alliance, your Central Coast air conditioning installation comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or we will be back to make it right!

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Which Type of Air Conditioner is Best for the Central Coast?

When it comes to buying a new system with the right temperature settings for your needs, it is beneficial to remember that there is no singular model that is best for any space. What works in your home may not necessarily perform as admirably in a commercial space or office.

Before installing a new air conditioning system, it is important to figure out exactly what you need by making these considerations:

The coastal environment of Central Coast lends to a more moderate summer, but a rather cool winter, with lows often reaching 5°C in July. This fluctuation in temperature requires an air conditioning system that is adaptable and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

When considering what kind of air conditioning system you need, observing the size and area of the space you want to cool should be one of the first steps. For example, a small room would only require a wall-mounted unit, whereas a larger space with multiple rooms will require something more powerful like multi-split systems (or ducted, ducted stems are very popular in domestic homes, where you can turn on an off each room by zoming, and smart control auatmation can control temperature in each room).

Design elements of your space may also affect what kind of air conditioning service you require. An example of this being flooring like tiles or floorboards, which will help with cooling in the hotter months, but may be too cold in the winter. In this case, a unit with warming capabilities would be required.

If energy efficiency is a priority, you can check the energy efficiency ratings on any Alliance units to see which one fits your requirements. You can also check out our guide to saving money by setting the right temperature on your air conditioning system.

Some air conditioners are noisy while running, disrupting the quiet of your home or office. You can check out the sound power rating (dBA) if you are concerned about the level of noise.

Alliance offers air conditioning units with air quality features, perfect for those family members or coworkers with a sensitive nose.

It may be tempting to choose saving money over reliability, but cheaper air conditioners come with their own complications. It is better in the long-run to choose a brand you can trust, even if it means a little more out of your pocket.

For further clarification on what air conditioning services are right for you, head on over to our guide to choosing the right air conditioner size, or give us a call!

Choose From Our Extensive Range of Air Conditioner Systems

It can be hard to understand the entirety of air conditioning terminology. To simplify it, we can break down the potential systems into 4 main categories:

The combination of an outside compressor and second unit within the roof cavity is a discreet way to both cool and heat an entire building. Ducted systems can be located anywhere to evenly distribute a temperature-controlled air flow.

The outdoor compressor links to a wall-hung air conditioning unit installed within the rooms you wish to cool. Much more popular in the domestic range of units, especially those with smaller rooms.

Up to 8 wall-mounted, floor-mounted or ducted air units are attached to one outdoor unit, which is ideal for cooling or heating multiple indoor locations through separate controls.

Preferred by those looking to reduce energy consumption and use a more natural cooling method, this AC unit does an excellent job with filtering indoor air pollution.

We provide air conditioning services to all of these variants and more:

Further information of types of air conditioning systems is available in our guide to air conditioner types and their benefits.

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Qualified AC Technicians in the Central Coast Area

Air Conditioning Systems should always be installed by a licensed and accredited HVAC professional. Incorrect installation of the system can result in wrong indoor temperature, malfunctioning systems, poor indoor air quality, and impact the performance of your new investment and the health of the people in the home.

That is why our technicians do not just provide friendly service, but also their expertise in the Central Coast area and its climate. With their up to date in-house training, keeping them in the know with market developments and innovations in HVAC, our technicians can be trusted with all of your climate control needs.

Everything we do here at Alliance revolves around our culture of trust, passion and accountability. We want our customers to believe in the kind of services we provide, and know that our team will go above and beyond in any air conditioning service required of them. It is this promise that maintains our life-long customer relationships and efficient service. We put you first, not the transaction.

Major Brands We Work With

Our professional service is only possible because of our partnerships with the greatest brands in the air conditioning industry.

Suburbs We Service in the Central Coast Area

Across the Central Coast area and its surrounding suburbs, we provide advance air conditioning services for any customer’s needs. 

If your suburb isn’t listed below, give us a call and we’ll still be more than happy to come on out for a chat!

  • Avoca Beach, 2251
  • Bensville, 2251
  • Bushells Ridge, 2259
  • Copacabana. 2251
  • Erina, 2250
  • Ettalong Beach, 2257
  • Gorokan, 2263
  • Gosford, 2250
  • Green Point, 2251
  • Gwandalan, 2259
  • Hamlyn Terrace, 2259
  • Horsfield Bay, 2256
  • Kariong, 2250
  • Lake Haven, 2263
  • Lake Munmorah. 2259
  • Morisset, 2264
  • Narara, 2250
  • Point Clare, 2250
  • Somersby, 2250
  • Terrigal, 2260
  • Toukley, 2263
  • Tuggerah, 2259
  • Tuggerawong, 2259
  • Tumbi Umbi, 2261
  • Umina Beach, 2257
  • Wangiwangi, 2267
  • Woy Woy, 2256
  • Wyoming, 2250
  • Wyong, 2259

Our Guarantee for Central Coast Customers

No Hidden Surprises

We provide a written, guaranteed investment cost for your repair(s) or installation(s) before performing any work.

If any additional materials, parts or labour are required to complete the work, there won’t be any additional costs to you, unless otherwise stated on the invoice and authorised by you.

Ultimate Protection

The bottom line is that we will protect your home. If we dirty it, break it or damage it, we’ll make it right. Our company is fully licensed, insured and we pay workers compensation for your protection.

Alliance Care Protection

With a Maintenance Agreement Plan your new asset is protected for a lifetime workmanship on all installation warranty*.

Maintenance Tune-Up will ensure your system is kept in pristine condition year after year!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% service satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. If you feel that the service was not provided to your full satisfaction, within 12 months to date of the original visit, we encourage you to call us so we can make things right!

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