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Daikin Zena Air Conditioner Sets New Standards in Comfort & Convenience

James Kuzmanovski, Operations Manager

With over 8 years of experience in HVAC and customer service, James is passionate about creating excellent customer and staff experience. Every day, he ensures the team at Alliance is taken care of. James is dedicated to improving processes to make sure that Alliance is easy to engage with. In his down-time, James enjoys an active lifestyle from running and rock climbing to tennis and golfing. He enjoys watching Formula 1 and cheering on our Aussie racer 🏎 – Daniel Ricciardo.


There is no better feeling than being comfortable in the summer and winter. Daikin makes it possible for homeowners to not only feel good about the temperature of their home, they can also improve the air in their home as well.

Daikin’s new ZENA air conditioning unit has built-in technology that cleans the air while it cools or warms a room. Daikin has engineered one of the most beautiful. functional. and convenient air conditioners on the market today. Daikin has designed an air conditioner that has features no other product can offer and no other product can match.

Why a Daikin ZENA air conditioner?

As a company with a long history of manufacturing all types of air conditioning, heater, air purification, and other products, Daikin understands what it takes to lead the world in innovation and design. That’s why Daikin is Australia’s Number One provider of HVAC products.

There are many reasons a homeowner would choose the Daikin ZENA air conditioner. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • Sleek, ultra-compact design available in White Hair Line or Black Wood enclosure
  • Uses R32 Refrigerant which is much more efficient for cooling and is environmentally safe
  • Internal air purification system that traps and eliminates odors, contaminants, and bacteria from the air
  • 2-area Intelligent Eye featuring an infrared sensor detecting human presence to control operation
  • Coanda airflow that directs cool air up toward the ceiling and warm air down to the floor for improved distribution
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module connects to Daikin’s Mobile Controller smartphone app allowing remote control away from home
  • Backlit wireless remote control makes it easy to achieve the perfect temperature
  • and many more exciting features!

Quality and value are built into every Daikin air conditioner

For over 50 years in Australia, Daikin has been marketing leading-edge HVAC equipment to meet the needs of Australia’s unique climates. In that time, Daikin has developed new technology that provides efficient operation requiring less energy while improving the performance and longevity of all their air conditioning products.

A 5-year Warranty on the ZENA air conditioner clearly demonstrates Daikin’s confidence in their engineering and manufacturing capability. It’s a confidence Daikin’s customers have trusted since 1924.


More than just air conditioning

The Daikin ZENA air conditioner does more than cool or heat the air. It is also an air purification system. Australia’s National Asthma Council has approved the Daikin ZENA for the Sensitive Choice Program. Daikin is proud to display the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly symbol on their ZENA air conditioner. There is also built-in Flash Streamer technology that removes mould, formaldehyde, and other allergens from the air.

Daikin ZENA is the best choice

When consumers put it all together, Daikin is the clear leader in air conditioner technology. There’s a Daikin for every home. Whether you’re air conditioning a small or large area, renovating or building a new home, Daikin’s comprehensive range of air conditioners will provide you with the perfect solution for your home and needs.

Alliance Climate Control is a Daikin Specialist Dealer in Sydney. We supply and install all type of Daikin Air Conditioner systems, including Split Wall Unit, Multi-Split Air Conditioner & Ducted Air Conditioning.

Alliance Climate Control is offering 60 months Interest-Free Terms with Zip Money.

To learn more about this exciting, innovative and stylish addition to your home, please call us at (02) 8061 5028.


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