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Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

How is the Air Quality in your Home or Work?

Did you know that poorly maintained Air Conditioning systems are contaminated with grime, dirt, mould, grease and other pollutants on the coils and filters? This does not only increase your energy bill but also greatly affects the air quality which your family breathes by circulating dirty and unhealthy air! 

Even though not always visible to the human eye, mould and bacteria definitely lives in your air-conditioning system, and often at worrying quantities.

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Grime, dirt & mould polluting and affecting the air which you breathe.


Blocked Coil

Contaminates blocking the coil, preventing sufficient and healthy airflow.



Blocked filter due to dirt, dust and harmful contaminates, causing blockages and unhealthy air.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system is integral to maintaining its efficiency. The various parts of the system requiring steady maintenance are the filters, coils, and fins.

When systems are regularly maintained they are thoroughly sterilised and have the dirt and debris that builds up throughout the various parts and filters removed. This is especially important for individuals or their family members with allergies or who have asthma.

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How an unmaintained Air Conditioner
can affect your health and your system?


Pollute Air

Contaminants pollute your air conditioner and also propel through the air every time you run your system.



Contaminates lodged in the filters of the fan coil will cause the coil to freeze over and place unnecessary strain on the systems.



Contaminants build harmful bacteria in your system, causing blockages which prevents sufficient airflow.


REduce Air Flow

Contaminates reduce your air conditioners air flow capacity to heat or cool the air, causing high heat loads on the fan motor.



Over time, this can be the reason behind allergies, ill-health and the cause of asthmatic and other respiratory illnesses.


Water Damage

Dirt and grime block the drain tray with the potential to cause water overflow and cause serious damage to your system.

Make your air conditioning new again

Make sure your air condition received a complete maintenance every time guide.

Did you receive a report that looks like this from your last visit by your tech, were all options explain to you, did they miss anything and have to come back?


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Many service technicians overlook the critical parts during maintenance, leave hidden surprises unfixed, and only to realise when you turn on your systems during that Hot summer day or cold winter night…


Common defects we find are:

  • Numbers1 Blocked drain
  • Numbers2 Dirty coils
  • Numbers3 Blocked pumps
  • Numbers4 Leaking and collapsed ductwork
  • Numbers5 Zone motors not functioning
  • Numbers6 System drawing too much electronic due to block coil air circulation
Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune-Up
1 2

Wash indoor covers & panels

Remove the filter and covers, take the cover out and wash them thoroughly with jet machine.


Examine and clean air filtration

Clean or replace filters. Wash it, dry it and reinstall it.

6 3

Inspect indoor coil

Check condition for any mold, dirt and grime, that can cause heat exchange failure, preventing the indoor fan coil from cooling.

8 1

Inspect the Indoor and outdoor drainage

Visually inspect drain is clean and free from debris, & it has good flow to prevent water leaks. Test the drain with water

4 2

Test electrical connections and circuit

All connections are tightened and safe, and ensure that the isolation switch is correctly operating. Ensure that the main power cable is concealed and insulated; if damaged or not insulated make recommendations.


Clean blower wheels (if necessary)

Inspect blower wheel cleanliness, if blower wheel consist of dirt and grime build up it requires cleaning. Make recommendations for an Eco Clean.

2 4

Calibration of your thermostat

Monitor thermostat operation and test all modes: fan on, cool, heat, and emergency heat to ensure correct operations


Measure air flow & monitor defrost operation

All connections are tightened and safe, and ensure that the isolation switch is correctly operating. Ensure that the main power cable is concealed and insulated; if damaged or not insulated make recommendations.


Clean blower wheels (if necessary)

Inspect blower wheel cleanliness, if blower wheel consist of dirt and grime build up it requires cleaning. Make recommendations for an Eco Clean.

2 5

Inspect fan coil & condenser mounting level

Check condenser is level to ensure that the compressor operations are not affected. Fan coil is level, as unbalanced coils will affect operations, and shorten life.


Condensate pump, if applicable.

Test operations, check pump is clean and free from debris. If blocked make recommendation for pump clean refurbishment.


Test zone motors (if applicable)

Test operation of zone motor dampers to ensure they are closing and opening correctly. If not operating correctly make recommendations.


Measure volts/amps

Test voltage and amperage draw, to ascertain that your A/C unit is not overdrawing current and wasting power.


Test starting capabilities

Check the compressor amps with your clamp on the amp meter, check the data tag on the equipment to ensure that they are within factory specs. If reading not in spec, make recommendations.


Test reversing valve functions

Make sure reversing valve and coil valve functions are operating correctly. If not operating correctly make recommendations.


Test safety controls (Isolator & Breaker)

Check to make sure that the breaker and isolator are correct size. Check the wiring, and that there is not any water inside the isolator. If the isolator is defective, make recommendations.


Inspect outdoor condenser & coil

Check inside condensing unit for any infestations of vermin or insects. Wash outdoor condensate coil.

3 1

Check condenser air circulation 

Check that the condenser has no obstruction, clear to allow good air flow. There must be sufficient room in front for condenser for air circulation.

21 1

Coat condenser with fresh paint (if required)

Check condenser exterior is in good condition

System Report

Report on any further works required. Supply system report upon Maintenance Tune Up completion

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How Does Cleaning
Your System Save You?

The biggest “waster” of electricity is your air conditioning system. Because most air conditioners are not maintained properly, homeowners are wasting precious electricity and paying the utility company way more than they should! Wouldn’t you rather put that money in your pocket? 

An Alliance Eco Rejuvenation is recommended for your system annually, to keep it in top operating condition. Eco Rejuvenation is an integral part of your regular maintenance completed by our team. It is a unique service to fully restore critical parts of your air conditioner back to new.

All you have to do is tune-up your air conditioning system once a year. That’s it! By cleaning contamination build up, you can reduce Energy Consumption up to 30%. That’s real money in your pocket, and you don’t even have to change the setting on your thermostat!

  • Numbers1 Help your system last longer (new equipment can be expensive)
  • Numbers2 Prevent untimely breakdowns, compressor failures (most occur during the hottest or coldest times)
  • Numbers3 Enable your system to cool and heat better by restoring lost capacity.
  • Numbers4 Improve the air quality and comfort conditions in your home or office
  • Numbers5 Reduces up to 30% high electricity bills
  • Numbers6 Help prevent water leaks that could damage your home or furniture

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Maintained By a Professional

Air conditioning should always be service and installed professionally qualified technician. If serviced improperly, an unsafe heater can lead to house fires or release air pollutants directly into your home, which can lead to poor indoor air pollution and have an impact on your health. These air pollutants include carbon monoxide. 

Carbon monoxide is both colourless and odourless and high levels of intoxication can be extremely dangerous. The level of air pollutants varies depending on multiple factors including proper use of your heater and how often it is serviced. Carbon monoxide has many effects, but most prominent are its ability to restrict your oxygen levels and impair thinking and reflexes.

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