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Floor gas heaters vs Air conditioner heating: Why you should go for the latter

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The cold months can be tough, but a good heating system can get you through the chilliest times of the year in comfort.

There are a few things you need to look for when picking a new heating system for your home; it should be efficient, affordable, and reliable. Braemar heating solutions fit all of these characteristics.

Powered by Seeley International, a market leader with 80 years of excellence under their belt, Braemar gas heaters are safe, reliable, and energy – efficient.

Gas heating systems made by cheaper brands can’t offer the same quality as those made by Braemar. If you’re looking for a heating system that will last for decades, a Braemer gas heating system is what you need for your home.

Here’s why you should consider getting a Braemar gas heating system for your home.

How do reverse cycle air conditioners work?

Before going into why reverse cycle air conditioners are a better alternative to floor gas heaters, let’s take a look at how these air conditioners do what they do.

These air conditioners draw in cold air from outdoors and this cold air then absorbs heat from the refrigerant, and then the now-warm air is blown into your home. Reverse cycle air conditioners are available in two forms; split systems that heat a single room, or a ducted system that can heat an entire home.

Why are reverse cycle air conditioners more efficient?

There are a few reasons why reverse cycle air conditioners are a better alternative to floor gas heaters. Let’s take a look at each of them.

They’re safer to use

Floor gas heaters like LPG heaters need a gas supply to function. Sometimes, however, these heaters may prove to be dangerous.

A faulty or poorly maintained floor gas heater may produce carbon monoxide, an odourless and colourless gas that is extremely dangerous at high levels. Also, if mishandled, these heaters may become potential fire hazards.

Reverse cycle air conditioners don’t need gas or any other kind of fuel to work—it runs completely on electricity, making them much safer to use. Gas is also a non-renewable resource, so by choosing a reverse cycle air conditioner, you’ll be playing you’re part in saving fuel.

They offer better heat distribution

While floor gas heaters can heat air relatively quickly, they don’t always distribute heat evenly throughout the house.

Reverse cycle air conditioners on the other hand have a thermostat that regulates the temperature and makes sure that heat is spread out evenly. The thermostat will also make sure that the air conditioner will not overheat the room.

They can save you space

Having an air conditioner and a floor gas heater in your home at the same time can take up valuable space. Reverse cycle air conditioners are capable of both heating and cooling, making them the only unit you’ll need to control your home’s indoor climate.

They’re can purify the air

Some reverse cycle air conditioners are designed to clean the air as they work. They have built-in filters that can trap particles in the air, deactivate bacteria and neutralise odours.

This feature makes them a good fit for homes with occupants who have allergies and medical conditions, such as asthma.

They’re cheaper to run

According to Canstar Blue, the average operating cost of a reverse cycle air conditioner to warm a room is between $0.13 to $0.36 per hour. This is noticeably cheaper than the $0.43 to $0.51 per hour average operating cost of a gas heater.

Choose a reverse cycle air conditioner for your home

There are many benefits to using a reverse cycle air conditioner in this day and age. With the rising price of gas and the desire to become more eco-friendly, reverse cycle air conditioners provide solutions for all these problems.

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