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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality


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Are You Breathing Quality Air In Your Home Or Business?

Once you enter your home, the quality of the air is directly affected by your air conditioning system.

The fact is, the air inside your home could be at a minimum of 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside, depending on when you last had your air conditioner serviced.

Air Con Eco Clean

6 Effects Of Poorly
Maintained Air Conditioning

  • Numbers1 Contaminates blocking the coil in your air conditioner, preventing sufficient and healthy airflow.
  • Numbers2 Dirt and grime build up on the air conditioning coils polluting the air we breathe and restricting the systems from working efficiently.
  • Numbers3 Over time, this can be the reason behind allergies, ill-health and the cause of asthmatic and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Numbers4 Contaminates lodged in the filters of the fan coil will cause the coil to freeze over and place unnecessary strain on the systems.
  • Numbers5 Heat exchanger failure due to a blocked coil will result in costly repairs.
  • Numbers6 Dirt and grime block the drain tray with the potential to cause water overflow and cause severe damage to your system.
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The Solution?
Air Conditioning Rejuvenation Eco Clean!

Air Conditioning Rejuvenation Eco Clean is a critical part of your regular servicing. Air conditioners need to be cleaned regularly to avoid a build-up of nasty pollutants and dirt.

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we offer a completely unique approach to cleaning, leaving your unit working like new!


Kills and prevents, bacterial, fungi, pollutants, viruses and slime colonising​


Disinfects air conditioning coil​


Non toxic, No odours​

Antimicrobial protection agains biofilm and other contaminants


Improved indoor air quality​


Eco-friendly, environmentally safe and biodegradable ​


Safe for all food processing areas​


Reduce energy cost, Saving

So, How Does It Work?

  • Numbers1 Remove the covers and the filters from your unit, and take them outside.
  • Numbers2 Clear drain tray and the pipe for blockages.
  • Numbers3 Apply special industrial anti-bacterial chemical treatment.
  • Numbers4 Wait for the chemical to take action, loosen not only dirt and dust but fungus, pathogens and bacteria.
  • Numbers5 Use a coil jet machine to pressure wash and remove dirt, grime and mould from the indoor fan coil.
  • Numbers6 Clean the indoor barrel fan and back of chassis.
  • Numbers7 Apply coil protection antimicrobial treatment to stop slime, mould and bacteria colonising the coil.
  • Numbers8 Apply anti-bacterial chemical to covers and filters. Then, clean them using the jet machine pressure.
  • Numbers9 Re-assemble unit and complete a full function test.
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Cleaning setup
& covers off

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how does it work 3

taking action

how does it work 4

Coil jet machine to
pressure wash

how does it work 5

Antimicrobial protection,
to improve air quality

how does it work 6

Pollutants after
Rejuvenation clean

Benefits Of Rejuvenation Eco Clean

Improve air quality

Improve air quality: Prevent air circulation, from contaminates, dust, pathogens and bacteria. This irritates allergies, disrupts your sleep, and over time it could also cause unwanted odours in your home.​


Prevent contamination

Annual treatment stops slime, mould and bacteria colonisation, improves heat exchange efficiency by reducing blockages. ​


Save money

Reduce up to 30% on high electricity bills. Enjoy energy-savings with a clean system running more efficiently.​

It is essential to keep your air conditioner maintained regularly and give your family and team the cleanest possible indoor air quality. Schedule your Eco Clean today and breathe a little easier!



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