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Reduce Your Power Bill With Ducted Air Conditioning

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More and more people have replaced their Air conditioning units with a ducted air conditioning system, and its above average performance in air delivery, energy-saving features, and cost-efficiency are three of the many reasons behind this.

And because of the rising cost of power in the country, being able to save in power bills is enough to sell the idea. Imagine, for a whole year, you can save to up to $300 in your electricity!

The main difference between the ducted air conditioning system and a normal window air conditioning unit is that the ducted air conditioning system has a central cooling system where warm air is cooled down. From this central system, the cool air is pushed into ducts that run discreetly within the structure of the house and out into the different rooms through the vents. On the other hand, houses that still use normal window Air conditioning units have to install independent and individual units for every room.

A main cost-saving feature of the ducted air conditioning system is that you can allocate and prioritise its energy usage.

With this feature, you can adjust and make different settings and control the temperature and functioning hours of the air conditioning system. The thermostat, which is part of the system package, helps to monitor the room temperature. It can serve as a sensor for your system, and tell it when to start cooling down the room or stop working, depending on whether or not your set and desired temperature level is reached.

You can also have the option of setting your air conditioning system to start working or stop cooling depending on the time of the day. You can adjust its settings for it to work full power during hot summer afternoons and reduce its energy usage at night when it is cool. You can also set it so it will start working during the time of day when your whole family is present in the house.

Most especially, one good important thing about using ducted air conditioning system is zoning. This feature allows you to separate your house into different ‘zones’. These different zones can be programmed with different settings of temperature. With zoning, different areas inside the house can have different temperature levels. For example, you can programme your system to cool areas which are mostly frequented by family members and reduce the flow of cool air in less visited areas. Finally, you can also adjust the settings so that only one area, like the living room, is cooled throughout the day and only the bedroom during the night.

With these energy-saving and cost-efficient features, the ducted Air conditioning system is the new way to cool down after a hard day’s work and not worry about the cost.