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SkyFi – The New WIFI Control Air Conditioning Technology

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Daikin air conditioning products have consistently won the hearts of consumers in Australia and across the globe. Consequently, their products can be found in homes, offices, social amenities and in other places, thanks to their investment in modern research that continue to discover new air con technologies to use.

Today, the company has a smartphone app which consumers can use to control their ducted air con units right from the palm of their hands. It only requires internet or WiFi signals to establish a connection with your air con unit. In fact, all the functions that are frequently used in an air con can now be controlled right from a smartphone.

The app is called SkyFi, a patented technology that is exclusive to the company Daikin.

It works on both Android and iOS devices, so you can use it to control your air con regardless of the operating system you’re using.

The features

If you own any one of the Daikin air conditioner models, then it means you should have this app installed into your phone or mobile device for convenience. At the tap of a finger, you can access a number of air-con features right from the palm of hands. The following is what you should expect from the interface of this app:

The On/Off button

The interface of SkyFi has an on/off feature that lets users turn their air-con units on and off using their smart devices. You no longer have to rely on the physical button on the main unit when turning it on.

Fan speed control

The interface of SkyFi lets users controls the speed and noise of the fan so as to enhance comfort when the machine is in operation. In fact, some Daikin air condition models feature a ‘Night Quiet’ mode to allow you to sleep without any interruption. So the fan speed control generally lets you regulate the performance of the entire unit.

On and off timer

You don’t have to be around your phone 24/7. But on the other hand, your air conditioner must work regardless of whether you control it using your smart device or not. This on and off timer feature fulfils this very purpose.

Temperature display

SkyFi app lets you control and monitors the current temperature of the room right from your smart device. It also serves you with real-time data concerning the temperature of the fan, so you’re able to see how high or low the temperature is. What’s more, you’re able to monitor both indoor and outdoor temperatures since the values are highlighted on the screen.


And of course, you have the option of changing the modes in which you want your aircon unit to operate. Basically, anything that involves the main unit can be operated from your smart device. Switching modes is very easy since you only have to tap the screen and changes are effected immediately.

Zone Control

The zoning feature of this app simply lets you divide your home into several zones that can receive varying effects from the aircon unit itself. The good thing with this feature is that it allows one to custom-label the various zones with their preferred names, i.e kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.

The Benefits of using this technology

The benefits of using this WiFi control technology are vast. Generally speaking, using a smartphone to control an air-con unit is still not as popular. But the fact that it gives you the comfort you need when controlling the unit means you won’t have to walk right up to the unit to make changes. This technology is for ‘lazy’ people.

Furthermore, this app is fully supported by all Daikin products, so it’s a compliment that you must have in conjunction with your aircon unit. It redefines the meaning of comfort.

Lastly, SkyFi supports both Android and iOS platforms, so you’re not restricted by your device’s operating system.


This is an easy-to-use app that will change the way you use your Daikin Air Conditioning unit. By only using a WiFi or internet connection, you tap and it will automatically communicate with the main unit. That’s the convenience you need.