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What can you expect from regular AC unit cleaning and maintenance?

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When it comes to household appliances, cleaning and maintaining them are the secrets to longer lifespans.

This is no truer than when it comes to the air conditioner in your home or office. Just like you schedule routine health screenings to make sure everything is as it should be, routine AC unit maintenance can help you figure out if it’s at peak performance.

If not, you’re likely to find it much harder to stay cool indoors. It’s certainly a less-than-ideal scenario in the middle of an Aussie summer.

In this post, I dive into why it’s important to clean and maintain your unit regularly and what you can do to make sure you’re staying cool and comfortable.

Why you need to clean and maintain your unit

It’s easier to understand the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance when you know how your unit produces cool air.

An air conditioner’s job is to draw the hot air in your environment through the cooling system and blow out cooled air. When the warm air is sucked in, pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander, and dead skin particles get sucked in as well. This air is then filtered through the coil, pushing out cooler and cleaner air.

The filter captures these contaminants and air pollutants. Soon enough, your unit gets clogged with these elements, at which point, two things can happen:

1. The clogged contaminants will lead to the formation of mould. When these spores go airborne, they become highly toxic to humans. In the long run, your unit will blow out air that includes these toxins, seriously affecting your health and wellbeing.

2. Clogged systems in your unit also mean it won’t function at an optimal level. To cool the air, your unit will have to work harder. This places a strain on it, leading to more extensive breakdowns. It also means higher cooling costs.

In an earlier post, I explored certain telltale signs that tell you when your air conditioner needs cleaning.

It is best, though, to avoid this kind of scenario entirely. I always recommend scheduling AC maintenance regularly because it’s much less expensive that way.

Cleaning your AC unit

This tends to be a fairly simple process. While it takes a little bit of time, it means getting more out of your system for less. It also ensures that you’re not breathing dirty or toxic air.

While many owners prefer doing this themselves, the maximum you can do (safely) is simply wiping off the dust in areas that you can reach without taking the unit apart.

You can also make sure that the area where the outdoor unit is kept is clean and clear of dirt and debris.

What you will find difficult doing is cleaning the filter drum and the coils, which is where moving air is cooled. It is also where the electrical components of your unit are, so it must be handled with care.

When you reach out to us to schedule deep cleaning and maintenance, our HVAC technicians will:

1. Clean the air filter in your unit
2. Wash all the covers in your unit using a jet machine and wash the panels by hand
3. Clean and check the indoor coil and brash
4. Examine the indoor and outdoor drain pipes and ensure better flow
5. Inspect the electrical circuit and connections inside the AC
6. Clear any pollutants in the blower wheels
7. Check how the unit is working from thermostat calibration to airflow and duct connections
8. Inspect and clean the entire outdoor unit of the AC

If you’re worried about how this kind of cleaning will affect your space, don’t worry. We only start once we cover your furnishing, carpets, and valuables with a dust sheet. We also make sure that the area we work in is cleaned after the job is complete—you won’t even know we were there!

Schedule regular cleaning and AC unit maintenance

Breathing toxic, dirty air should not be a regular part of your day. When your air conditioner, a machine that can be cleaned and maintained, is causing this, you know it’s time to commit to regular AC maintenance.

This will help you make sure that your unit is only producing cool and clean air.

At Alliance Climate Control, our team of qualified technicians are trained to carry out deep cleaning and maintenance of your unit while keeping an eye out for your furnishing. Call us on 02 8061 5023 to schedule AC unit maintenance or an intensive deep clean.

Enjoy cooler and healthier summers with our support.