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Is your unit in need of professional air conditioning cleaning services?


For most of us, an air conditioning unit at home or at work is just part of the furniture. We see it, we feel what it does, but we rarely think about it beyond that – until it breaks down.

This model of only looking into how well our air conditioning is working when it breaks is far from ideal. The fact is that our HVAC systems play a major role in how clean and healthy our spaces are. If you neglect cleaning your unit, you will face the consequences at some point or the other.

Given my work, I’m always talking to customers about how important professional air conditioning cleaning is. The challenge is that many people don’t understand why this needs to be done regularly.

Why are regular Air Conditioning cleaning services important?

Especially during Aussie summers, our air conditioning are turned on full-blast. While staying comfortable is almost impossible without doing this, it runs several risks.

For one, microbes and fine particles can get accumulated in your unit. All of these contaminants, including dead skin particles, dust mites and bacteria, create the perfect breeding ground for mould.

Out of sight, out of mind? Wrong.

When mould grows in your air conditioning unit, it releases toxic spores into the environment, which can have a major effect on your health. This is more so if you already suffer from certain respiratory conditions, like asthma. Preventing mould in HVAC systems is an important part of the instructions we leave to our customers.

Beyond just creating an unhealthy environment for you and the people around you, a dirty, clogged AC unit is also inefficient.

You may realise this when you keep turning your temperature lower and lower and still not feel cool enough. A dirty air conditioning unit can land you with hefty electricity bills at the end of the month too.


Signs your unit needs professional air conditioning cleaning services 

Sometimes, you may notice that something is wrong with your unit. You may even feel that it’s not producing cool air the way it should.

If you notice any one of the following issues, it’s high time that you schedule professional air conditioning cleaning services.

You haven’t cleaned your AC unit in more than a year (or ever)

No matter what you do, it’s normal for your unit to get clogged with dust particles over time. The only thing to do, here, is to schedule a thorough cleaning.

You’re suffering from the effects of contaminated air

If you’re breathing in contaminated air, your family may suffer from conditions like asthma, colds or flu-like symptoms, sore/dry eyes, headaches and other respiratory problems.

Your air smells funny

Another major sign that your AC unit needs cleaning is if you’ve started to detect a foul smell that seems to come from your unit. This could be a sign of mould growth.

Your unit is not as efficient as it used to be

Still warm and uncomfortable no matter how low your unit’s temperature is? This is another sign that your system is clogged with dirt and particles, preventing it from cooling your air well.

Your electricity bills are high

When you’re dealing with a dirty system, it needs to pull more power from the grid to cool and push air through the filters.

What do professional air conditioning cleaning services include? 

When you decide to get your unit cleaned and fine-tuned, it’s important to make sure that this process is thorough. It’s always important to work with professionals who know what they’re doing.

A professional AC cleaning service will cover:

  • Removing the covers and the filters from your unit and taking them outside for cleaning.
  • Clearing the unit’s drain tray and the pipe of blockages.
  • Applying industrial antibacterial chemical treatment to your unit’s parts.
  • Waiting for the chemical to take action and loosen the dirt, dust, fungus, pathogens and bacteria.
  • Using a coil jet machine to pressure wash and remove dirt, grime and mould from the indoor fan coil.
  • Cleaning the indoor barrel fan and the back of the chassis.
  • Applying coil protection and antimicrobial treatment to stop slime, mould and bacteria from colonising the coil.
  • Applying antibacterial chemicals to the covers and filters and cleaning them afterwards using a jet machine.
  • Re-assembling your unit and completing a full function test.


Maintain a cool, comfortable, and healthy space with professional air con cleaning services

Cleaning and maintaining your unit on a regular basis helps you ensure a healthier space for your loved ones. It also keeps your electricity bills low, your space cool and your system in good condition.

If you commit to regular and thorough cleaning, there’s little left for you to do but enjoy your environment.

At Alliance Climate Control, we provide you with a range of top-notch AC cleaning services. Contact us on 02 8061 5023 to find out more about our Air Conditioning Rejuvenation Eco Clean service!

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