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Importance Of Pre-Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance


Days are getting longer and the mercury is rising higher, we are getting to ready to once again experience the fluctuating weather of Aussie summer. It may not be the first thing on your list to prep for summer but this is a perfect time to not only get that great summer bod but also book in a maintenance for your air conditioning.


Winter has come and gone and before we know it spring will leave us too. The unpredictable Aussie weather may have prompt you to start using your air conditioning again. It’s not long till we need the AC on for us to enjoy our home comfortable. It’s extremely important to have a professional maintain your system after it has been off for such a long period of time. You may not have used your AC during the cooler months which likely means you haven’t given your AC a second thought.

A professional HVAC technician will be able to identify any potential fault which could lead to major repairs if left for too long. Plus, the technician will be able to make sure that nothing is stopping the AC from working efficiently. What does that mean? The AC will not eat up more energy than it needs to = more money in your bank and less in your bills!

With Sydney’s particularly unpredictable weather changes, you may already need to fire up your AC for a hot and humid spring day! Sure, right now, you’re enjoying the warmth after a freezing winter but soon enough you’ll be wanting to stay cool again when the first Sydney heat wave heats again. We think the worst feeling is being stuck in the heat with an AC that has broken down.

There are few things you can do to make sure your air conditioning is ready to fire up again.

The most important being scheduling your air conditioning maintenance before everyone else – that’s right now – before summer! After 15 years of HVAC service, spring is the best season to prep your air conditioning for summer. It makes sense doesn’t it? Get this done before the heat waves so you’re not on the waitlist in summer when most people have broken down ACs that need repairing. Even if you’re handy, you’ll want to get your AC maintained by a licensed and experienced technician. If your unit is still under warranty, this will make sure you don’t risk voiding it by working on the AC yourself.


  • Air Filters – Make sure you remove the filters and give it a good rinse and have it dry before you place it back into the unit.
  • Clean around the unit – Clean the surrounding dirt and dust built-up around the AC
  • Look for any damage – Spot any potential damages and concerns for your HVAC technician
  • Clean the condenser – the condenser can be easily cleaned by sweeping any debris and dust built up.

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