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Why Window RAC Air Conditioning Systems Require Regular Servicing & Health Check?

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Why Window RAC air conditioning systems require regular service & health check?

A window or wall air conditioning system providing cooling only or heating and cooling is a great way to air-condition a room or small living space.

A reverse cycle window or wall air conditioner unit is contained in a rectangular-shaped housing containing all the critical components, mounted in a wall or part of window space. Cool air is directed into the required room through a filtration system while hot exhaust air is dissipated outside from the condenser.

Performance of a window RAC unit may be frequently affected by dirt, dust or dangerous pathogens if the filter panel is not maintained frequently. Excessive dust build-up can adversely affect the function of the cooling coil which in turn makes the compressor work harder and longer than it was designed for.

Alliance Climate Control recommend servicing the filter panel at least every 2-4 weeks, washing the filter material and allowing it to dry before re-installing especially if the environment is excessively dusty.


Is it possible to repair or replace a RAC?

A window or wall RAC air con may be repaired or replaced just like any other air conditioner type.

Alliance Climate Control service and recommend Kelvinator, LG, Teco or Lennox and many other brands. Our service technicians can usually find the right part when replacement parts are needed. However, if the replacement of your RAC is your best option, Alliance Climate Control can also replace your existing unit with a new one, taking care of the old one at the same time.

Alliance Climate Control technicians can:

  • Service your existing wall or window RAC unit making sure the entire system is operating efficiently and ready for the hot summer season ahead.
  • Diagnose any fault if your system is not working correctly and recommend repairs and/or replacement parts.
  • Recommend replacing your unit with a current model RAC if it proves to be uneconomical to replace parts or repair.

Why is regular servicing and health check important?

A RAC unit sometimes operates in more exposed environments. Air drawn into the unit may include a greater amount of dust, dirt or other pathogens than a comparable split system, putting more strain on the filters and making other parts of the system clog more quickly.

If the filters are poorly maintained, the finned cooling coil and blower fans will also build up with dirt putting more strain on the compressor and making the whole system less responsive to the hot days that are likely to be experienced soon.

The filters provided in a window or wall RAC air-con unit can be rapidly accessed making their removal quite simple and should be washed at least every 2-3 weeks.

Major parts of the RAC unit will perform better if the filters are well maintained because the compressor and other parts of the system will not be working beyond their capacity.

If your lifestyle is too busy or you would like Alliance Climate Control technicians to assist with maintaining your RAC unit, we can complete a full service wash of the filters with our own proven microbial solution.

This will keep your filters cleaner for longer, reducing the chance for dust and dirt to lodge in the fine mesh which in turn keeps other parts of the system cleaner and operating more efficiently.

We can also perform a full health check on your system at the same time checking the compressor operation, condensate drain and many other parts of the system to ensure the good health of your RAC unit.

If you would like to arrange a scheduled visit from an Alliance Climate Control technician, call us now, we can have our technician there very soon to make sure of your comfort in the coming hot summer months.

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